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In December, we graduated Quote Selected Text from Gmail Labs. We've been listening to user feedback since the graduation and have decided to move the feature back into Gmail Labs. Users sometimes unintentionally quoted text they had inadvertently selected, which caused some confusion. For those of you who like the feature, you can still enable it in Gmail Labs. 
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Michael H
:'(   can it just be an option within gmail settings then?
...What? I don't understand what this does at all.
Instead of moving it back to labs, why not just make it a simple option in the settings to enable it or not?
When you redo this as a preference setting then make three options:

1. Always quote all text
2. Quote selected, otherwise quote all text
3. Quote selected, otherwise don't quote any text

Given Gmail's great conversations view I really would love to see option 3 added so it doesn't quote unless I really want it to.
+Michael Harries It was an option inside Gmail settings back in december, but, sice it wasn't working properly, it was moved back to Labs. +Kyle Hawkins When replying an e-mail, if you select the text you received (with the mouse), and then press reply, the selected text will appear automatically in your reply quoted.
Very glad to hear this. It happens to me all the time when I'm replying to customer questions on eBay, and then the emails get rejected because they don't have the message id for eBay to recognize.
The thing is, once you've been using Gmail a while, you forget about quoting entirely anyway, due to the conversation view and how it hides all the quoted text.  However, if there's one subset of the message in particular you want to pull out and highlight that you are responding to, this tool is very valuable.
This would actually be useful in G+ as well!
Now, if you only gave me a way to disable top-posting... 
Where is the select button for gmail? I want to delete old files and I don't have the time to select each one individually. Did google forget this button everyone else has?
Are you kidding me? There's a checkbox with and arrow right on the top of the first e-mail. You can also make a search or filter...
Please leave that in labs, or make it optional (OFF by default) if it graduates again.  I'm a "highlight and read" guy (and I know there are many like me), and I HATE this "feature" on other webmail clients.
Okay, thank you for the notice. Enabled
It's a tool. Having different tools makes Gmail one of the best choices (I particularly think it is the best), but we can't expect it to be useful for everybody or that one must use all of the available resources.
Why move it back to labs instead of just moving it to settings and defaulting it to off?
Because the "Labs" is where stays pieces of code or tools that are still under test or development by Google. It has issues. It may not work properly for everyone. One must keep in mind that when enabling any Lab.
That must be why it started annoying me again, I must not have had it enabled as a setting but I do as a lab feature.  I thought I'd like it, but when it happens to me it's almost always an accident (usually because someone sent me something to query so I copied it to another page to search, then clicked Reply with the selection still active).
+Fauzi Hamadeh I think I agree. Gmail should be simple for most of the users - and that means working properly in every mean. If they skip this thought, they might as well end up with a subproduct, cramped with flaws like, I can't help noticing, it is facebook right now.
Thank you Google! Now please make this an option.
So glad this has been done, I kept thinking Gmail was broken and this bug needed reporting
When I select a piece of text and click reply, my cursor is positioned after the quoted text, and I need to have it always was before the quoted text. How do I return as it was before?
How about just cut and paste.. Ffs stop making it complicated.. I can find the quotes key "" ""see.. Not so hard 
+j kleine "complicated" is a relative term. You may not find it useful, but other people may think that it makes things less complicated for instance. Anyway, it is optional so if you don't like it just don't enable it.
I just tested now this function when it's back in the Lab. I didn't know how usefull is this. Anyway, its ok that isn't gone.
+Gmail A key to clear all read messages, rather than one by one to check,hope to improve, thank you.
+小草民 How about you click the downward arrow besides the top box  next to the refresh button. It opens a dropdown menu of things you can make it select automatically. Select 'read' and all the read messages will be selected for you to delete/archive/move them or whatever you want. It's not really a one-click solution, but imo the increased functionality that it offers (able to select others than solely the read emails) makes it a better alternative
Personally I liked the quote option.. made it easier to remove large chunks of email...
I wondered where it had gone. I selected a sentence yesterday and couldn't narrow the quoted text down, trying several times. Glad it's still available through labs.
i need such a thing, what will i do? Reply via e-mail. Thanks
I was wondering why this feature suddenly disappeared from Gmail. 
Go to Settings->Labs-> and Enable Quote Selected text. 
One feature i would like to request in Gmail is add photos from google plus.. would be brilliant
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Not you andy other people with meab comments
It's a good news for me. I'm managing a 500 users Google Apps domain and many users made a quoting mess. By moving this feature back to lab status, I can manage it via control panel while I cannot control features in general settings (strange but true)
I don't want to quote anything, and I do not want to press "ctrl+A then delete" all the time. would you pleasssssse add an option for controlling this?
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