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Signature Tweaks graduates from Gmail Labs
Today, Signature Tweaks officially graduates from Gmail Labs!  Signature Tweaks lets you set your signature to appear above the quoted text in replies, removing the standard ""--"" that separates the signature from the message body. This feature can be turned on by going to the General tab in your Settings.
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Holy cow, only took a decade!  Haha, thanks guys.  This is great news.
Not huge but at least Google didn't have a press event to announce it. 
Is it going to be included into Google Apps anytime soon?
Great news, though I still don't understand why it was ever put at the bottom of the quoted text in the first place. :) Will this change be coming to the Gmail iPad app as well, when you have it set to use your Gmail desktop signature?
Finally!  It's time to graduate Right-hand sided chat now.
This should have been the default option from the start.
Great work on getting this working :)
This is good, but signatures still go missing whenever they have already appeared in a thread.
It looks like this setting is automatically enabled if you have the Tweaks Lab turned on.
Yep, more fonts please. Caslon and Trajan especially.
Sad ... "-- " has been the standard for ages.  It lets other E-mail apps know where to cut out someone's signature.  Oh well.  Hopefully there's a new standard (I bet there isn't).
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when will signatures NOT append to replies? It's dumb to have the signature on multiple posts in a single thread. I'd rather a signature only be inserted:

1)on new messages, or 
2)when I insert it 
FAIL. Signature delimiters have always been set to "dash dash space", so the recipient's mail agent could suppress everything afterwards.

Gmail should have known better.
by the way - when when when will gmail either:

1)allow us to set the message format that is appropriate for particular contacts (and then automatically choose rich or plain txt when we compose a message to that contact, according to the setting), or
2)make it easy to change the format of a composed message without in effect changing the default for all messages?
The reason for the signature placement is so it can be filtered out. People don't want to waste screen space on repetitive, unchanging information. Especially information like names and email addresses in your example above, which are already present in the email header, making it redundant as well.
This is great. However, I do want the undo send feature to graduate from Gmail labs as well in the near future. 
Argh. Don't encourage top posting, darn it!
Who are you,you look young how old are you
"-- " is the standard. Standards should not be messed with thoughtlessly. And how come we're forced to put replies ABOVE the original message? I hate top posting. It's so Microsofty.
Why offer signature tweeks, when gmail automatically trims signatures?
The tweaks are almost as useless as the trimming is invasive.
+Gmail Can you make it so that when replying, the signature is not hidden under the trimmed content? Because for some reason that adds an extra return space to the signature.
Great! Now how about resurrecting custom date formats?
I hadn't even noticed that custom date formats had disappeared. 
Yes please, only part of the planet uses MM-DD-YYYY
You mean top posting???
And how about formattable defalt fonts, too?  I like bold Courier New.
...and the email has evolved for the first time in 15 years. I've been crying for this option in Thunderbird.
Recently while applying the new visual identity of the organisation I work for... I went back to Wikipedia to see if it was respecting the netiquette. The missing "-- " and being HTML only with embeded image was hurting me. I felt like I should add "-- ".
Now I imagine that millions of user started their email with "-- " in order to fight against the netiquette. They win... I lost.
Does this mean that the tweak will now work with the Gmail iPhone app?
That is terrible news (and it's sad that so many people are happy about it). Well, I assume the vast majority of users these days use e-mail for trivial things only. Let's hope they keep it as an option so that users of mailing lists can still follow netiquette.

Get off my lawn! ;)
Michael, I like to follow netiquette.  What is wrong with this practice?  I would like to know to improve my courtesy online!
@James: It allows following a long email conversation of (potentially multiple) individuals without constantly interrupting the flow of arguments. It also helps formatting the content according to the recipient's taste and requirements, not the sender's (also helps for those with accessibility deficiencies). This goes to the same category as HTML formatted vs. plain text e-mail, quoting style, the idea being that writing an e-mail is for transmitting information and not about showing off.

My favorite quote of a happy MS Outlook user: "My answers are in green below" - not sure if that made me laugh or cry.

See also:
I need help with gmail. my English is poor. in Spanish please. quiero saber si con mi cuenta google puedo iniciar sesión en gmail. Trato de crear una cuenta desde el celular y llego hasta código de verificación. no llaman ni envían sms.
+natacha moreno Mira la pantalla. Ver donde dice Calendar & More? Haga clic en Más información. A continuación, "Translate". Tengo que usar esta función cuando hablo con mis amigos en India porque tienen tantos idiomas diferentes.
+Michael Gmelin Thanks for the info. I try not to argue. The Truth IS my weapon of choice in any battle and those that wish to voice there opinion, usually get exactly what their typing is worth, nothing. OM.
Why do we still use email signatures?
Scott E
RFC breaker though...
How do you down load into craiglist from your Mobil?
I'm not understand the subject
Who the heck needs to include their email address in the signature of an email??
I was everytime cut and pasted the signature to the right position. Giid improvement. Thanks team google. Wish you do it right first time
Good to know. Hadn't seen that in my RSS feeds yet. Thanks!
This is terrible news, as it encourages and legitimizes the illogical and impolite practice of top-posting.
Hai people... I wish you good morning.
+Paul Hartman I've started doing that, mail clients now scrub the address and just leave your name. That's fine if a Google search will turn you up but for the rest of us it's easier if people can copy my address out of a message.
So needed. This was the only major flaw with gmail and now solved. Thank You
As long as it's optional, they can change what they like. For some it is an improvement, for others just a waste of time and effort. Top posting is not what feels normal for me.
Why the hell do so many people wants more fonts!? This isn't AOL.
What hell is that I get a lot of useless betting requests from my Gmail. Fed up.
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Not the most needed improvement to gmail, but welcome.
Gmail could be a lot better though. Its simplicity is good, but it needs a much better Android app from Google. Most of the 3rd party apps are better than the default Google gmail app. It needs integration with Google calendar, tasks, drive, etc. Come on Google, its your baby! Both of them.
i don't see any changes in my gmail
Thanks but I had to disable it and re-enable it again to make it work for me, I was really upset when I found out that my signature was getting buried down the conversation.
I for one see it as spam unless the --space is there. So will most of the spam report sites.

Send me a sig in the middle of an email and I click "report spam".
I use so many labs... Right handed chat, calendar, and insert pictures directly. They all work so well more should graduate!
Totally agree +Peter Van Lone . The company I work for uses gmail and I hate the fact that I can't insert my signature only when I want to or leave it out when I reply.
That's good!!!better improvement of gmail:)
I love it, You don't have to click or scroll down to check the recipient.
You must fix the threading algorithm.
It doesn't cut the text in the right place!
+Gmail  now that we have this new Google contacts that aggregates or combines all our contacts across all Google products like Gmail, G+, Android phones etc can we have a feature where we can put people from our contacts list in a special circle (Mail circle) or contacts group and this will automatically create a special mailbox where only mails from these people are redirected to. Hence a email box that we control not the regular inbox that we have no control over which eventually gets spammed.
How long do you think it will take for GMail to at least provide the option of using a reply format resembling Outlook's? I know there are religious objections to it in many corners of the Internet -- believe me, I've heard them all -- but it's the overwhelming standard in the corporate world. Google's refusal even to allow it as an option is shortsighted and ideologically based, I suspect.
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email Google+ sends you.
Bitch u know he married right!! If not I'll Show u how married that motherfucker is!!! 
Is there a way to turn "signature before quoted text" on for all my users in my company using GAM?
Tweaks doesn't work!! My signature is still being trimmed and message has to be expanded to read it! SO annoying!
Good job Google you totally ruined the  fix for the most annoying part of GMail the stupid Signature Fail! 
Did bother even testing this "fix"?
Because I just did and it doesn't work!!
How do I add a logo to my gmail signature?
Thank you. I have my gmail signature but it won't allow me to insert a logo as an image.  When I click "insert image", it only asks for a "url"; I don't see where I can insert an image from "Browse".
I don't know. Try something different.
Since 3 days it only adds a signature for the main account, not if you reply using another (pop) account. Google fix it
+Jacquie Banks  hi jackie in labs enable  Inserting images
* Allows you to insert images into a message body. You can upload and insert image files in your computer, or insert images by URLs. This lab will not work if you have offline enabled.
Fantastic! I wasn't sure it was working, and tried to look for it in Labs. When it didn't show up, I got a little worried! Great feature.
i'd like a setting to put my full signature in the first email in the conversation. from then on i should be able to set it to leave off the signature or put an abbreviated one. so simple! c'mon google!!
Part of my signature still gets hidden - why?? I'm using two tables to arrange my logo, company detail and then a set of social icons below.
When will it allow us to stop Gmail from adding a signature to replies...?
I want my replies to be at the top, but it is still at the bottom of the incoming email.  And, the incoming email is beneath my response/signature.  I don't see anything about signature tweeks.  This is very frustrating.
When is this feature being added to the iPad and iPhone gmail app?
I have tested this many times with my work's GMail domain and it does not work. My signature gets trimmed off all my outgoing emails and it is extremely frustrating. Why does this feature completely fail to do what it says and what you have claimed it does?
This is NOT working. Broken features. I tried to check and uncheck and check and uncheck and save and save and save and save but NO, the signature won't display, ever. Always in quoted content, this is soooooo frustrating I lack of words to say how stupid this is. Multi billion cie not even able to make a checkbox work flawlessly. Big ups Google!
Yeah this is definitely not working. I want my signature to appear at the bottom of every email before the dashes. I do not want to click them to show the signature, that defeats the ENTIRE purpose of a signature.

I want every reply to show my signature and I want the person who I reply to, be able to see my signature at the bottom of the replies without having to click the dash box!
Hi John,
This trick did it for me :

1) Start your signature with an empty line
2) Put your signature content
3) Add 2 empty lines
4) Choose White as the text color and write "End of message

Make sure to add a line feed between "message" and "--".

Hope it helps you!

Idea about not repeating the signature on a email dialog. (first email ok signature but on the response email better without signature). Sorry didn't have the time to read all the comments in case somebody mentioned it already).
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