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Just in time for the holidays, Gmail on Android adds vacation responder, attachment support for any file type and more

If you forget to set a vacation responder as you scramble to pack for a flight, you’re in luck since you can now create or update an auto responder message right in the Gmail app on Android. In addition to photos and videos, you can send attachments—documents, PDFs, zip files—of any type. You can also print hard copies of your emails if you’re using Android 4.4 KitKat. And finally, you’ll notice enhanced performance of the app on low memory devices as part of Project Svelte (
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Does Gmail now also properly handle Exchange invitations?
How about syncing email signatures?
1. Please let me delete drafts and single emails within a thread without deleting entire thread.
2. Add a group contact feature to allow one-click to include multiple contacts to one outgoing email.
When does the update go live? not seeing it yet.
Potential Irony... People get this update after their vacation is over. #phasedrollouts  
+Gmail Please fix the Sender Image bug, I'Don't want to see Sender Images anywhere, but the setting only hides them from the conversation list.
Thanks for the update guys.  Still loving the tabbed inbox - must save me 20 mins a day wading through crap!
Just in time for the holidays? We'll see.
Based on previous staged rollouts, I won't actually get this one until after the holidays...
Any file type? Awesome. So now I can finally send .exe files. Merry Christmas!
+Gmail when you are able to just delete one email on the conversation with gmail android? must allways use full web gmail.
I can't figure out how to add a new email to contacts from the gmail app now. Used to be able to click on the sender icon. Not great.
however with staged rollouts, you probably won't get it in time for the holidays!  (/snark)
Hai teman"saudara"apakah ada sdh sholat subuh?semoga keberkahan dan kelamatan pada kita semua,amiin
Hi good morning friends all off you 
Can I finally send and receive the new .pages file format? And when will Google Drive be updated so I can actually sync .pages file formats?
+Gmail mailto links inside of emails no longer work! (I'm particularily referring mailto links which have a subject line ex. Mailto:test inside of an email)
Use of our contact groups would be seriously appreciated when composing a message. Kind of mind boggling that still isn't a feature! Does no one at Google use/need this feature?
We really need group contact functionality
I like this update! 
Vacation responder? Please Google the only auto responder that should ever be used for email is the "out of office" version in a business environment. The auto responder function is to redirect your customers and business associates to a secondary contact when you are not available. Vacation responder shouts "come to my house, spare key is under the door mat". 
Can anyone confirm if the default Gmail widget is 3x2 with the slightly older version of Gmail as I believe it changed to 3x3 and now I cannot have the Gmail AND Exchange email widgets on the same screen since both seem to now be 3x3 when one of them used to be 3x2?
I'd like to prepare different response messages for my circles. Colleagues and best friends expect different kind of communication. Also it would be very nice to redirect emails comes from a person or a circle.
Need an option to sync common settings (like vacation responder) from Gmail in Web to Android and vice versa.
+Gmail, expected delivery time? 4 days had gone.
I think I clicked on a virus. Just wanting to make sure, is this really from Gmail 

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This mail is to inform all our valued customers that we are currently working on our Webmail Admin data, And you are advice to put in your account details to our new PHTD source in other to stop incoming spam messages in your inbox. Please kindly reply us with the following information.

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Your account will remain active after you have successfully confirmed your account to the monitoring Center.

Thanks for using our Email Services.

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It is happening today only that all the e mail IDs are being declared as invalid. This is causing lot of inconvenience.
please check and advise.
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