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See who’s online more easily in Hangouts in Gmail
Starting today it's easier to see which of your chat buddies are currently online, thanks to a new tab in Hangouts in Gmail. In this new tab, friends who are online are shown first, followed by those who aren’t. Of course, you can still send your offline friends a message and they’ll get it the next time they check Hangouts on their computer, phone or tablet. Plus, you can also now pin your favorite contacts (you know, your mom, your BFFL, or your crush) to the top of your contact list. 

Many of you have asked for these features, so we hope you enjoy this update, which will be rolling out over the next few days. If you’re not already using Hangouts in Gmail, simply click on “Try the new Hangouts” under your chat settings to upgrade today. 
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Really need the option (as with old Google talk) to set my status. If I am in a meeting or gone to lunch , I should be able to set my status message so others are aware. 
good news to hear...sometime i still get trouble to open it up LOL
Omg that update came sooooo late :)
This is something to you lose your time end what ,might somebody caman.
about "time" lmaooo awesome!! 
Wow ... who was the product manager who removed it on the transition to hangouts in the first place? I can't believe its taken this long to get it back.
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That's a great update.

Please do so for the Hangouts app as well.
The Chrome extension could use some serious love... 

The Android app is still missing functionality that the iOS app has had for ten months (voice calling over data and sharing videos). You'd have thought that would be the other way around... Trust Google! 
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As others have said, please add this clearly missing funtionality to Android Hangouts app as well.
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What's new there? I've been able to distinguish online/unavailable/offline status since a long time ago on the hangout section in gmail thanks to the green/orange/gray decorations:
You'd better bring this feature to android app.

and BTW, online contacts where already "shown first"
We need separation for people we have in Google+ to people we have in Gmail.

Let's say, when I'm on Google+ I don't mind be available and write to people from my circles.

Inside Gmail, I only care for those on my Contact List (Most of my Google+ circles buddies aren't part of my contact list and I don't want them to show in my Gmail "Talk" application).
+Matthew Cherrey "Many of you have asked for these features, so we hope you enjoy this update, which will be rolling out over the next few days." Also, burn that fedora, for the good of your future and everyone around you
Now maybe I will give Hangouts another go. Without this feature, hangouts was like pouring water into a pitcher you could not see because it was so dark. 
How long will it take till alll basic features burried with old google talk will be reinvented?
At least this is a small step in the right direction.
Where it will be available? On the main screen? On contacts? And, btw, why do I have to change screens to see my contacts? Why can't be available on my Gmail main page/tab?
Finally, Google Talk had this zillions of years ago until they replaced with an inferior product of the time Hangouts.
Man it only took google a year and a half to bring this feature back!
+Google+ +Google +Gmail What a novelty! This function Outlook and Yahoo already have long chat in his services. In the current Gmail chat is not known whether or not a contact is connected, as it is not known if a contact is using chat from a computer or smartphone.
Very nice feature. Will try it out asap. Thank you, Google! :) 
Long time coming but delayed gratification is good for the soul ;-)
Nice - so... can I rename them (local alias) yet? Might start using hangouts then. That and end-to-end-encryption. ;)
Is there a way to see "idle" person?

Is mobile device availability coming next?
+Scott Wells Google virtually never discusses what they might do prior to announcing availability of a function. This certainly suggests that might be coming, though.
Tried it, didn't like it, because it took away the simple phone pad dialer and forces me to use Hangouts to answer phone calls. By the time the Hangout window opens to answer the call, it's gone to voicemail. I have missed too many phone calls I would have otherwise answered because of this. Also the HO window just interrupts screen space when I'm working. Much prefer receiving calls via the little pop up dialer box. 
I still have the capability to use both. Sorry it sucks for you :/ I love google so much over many others.
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You know what would make hangouts rock? If it would work with whatsapp, threema, telegram, facebook, xmpp, SIP, ...
You know: letting us eliminate the messanger spam and people seperation instead of adding to it.
Also: Still basic features like avatar and alias for friends are missing.
Google Talk was xmpp based and had many of the features +Timo Reimerdes  mentioned and I miss too.
I still do not understand why Google isolated their users with hangout. Just because all others do it the same way?
Image you need different different phones to call people who have contracts with different providers, or different mail programs for each mail provider.
That is the messenger world today.

Multi protocol clients are a workaround but one protocoll used by everybody would be the solution - xmpp.
A "retro" contact list? I don't like where this is going. What is next? Are you going to add Available/Busy/Away/Invisible, etc. status? :(

Please keep Hangouts simple. Pure always-on modern communication, no worries with status. That's what has made Hangouts better than old GTalk.
Thanks Gmail . It certainly is a good help for new entrants like me.
thanks gmail i can talk to overseas people easily you guys know that gmail is soooooooooooo awesome is the best thing to talk to other peoples around the world even with our biggest fans
To have a way to set a status message if I go to have lunch or in a meeting would be great.
When will google contacts be updated/improved +Gmail  and +Google+ Help ? I can't send feedback from within this product, and my contacts are a mess: some google+ profiles I added to circles are automatically generating duplicates, even after merging them.
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It worked for a couple of days after that it retuned to the old style. People on line don't show at the top of the list anymore. How can I solve this ???
Volver hacer la aplicación para solucionar su problemas o llamar a ayuda
Everybody has false names. How do you get personal.  
We had the 2 tabs "Conversations Hangouts" and "Contacts Hangouts" for a couple of days and now it is back to one Tab "Hangouts"!
How to have the two Tabs back?
This is a great new feature! Now we really need a status feature, so we can set as away, like at lunch or in a meeting. 
I don't have a clue as to how to sign with Gmail. Nothing I have tried works and when I log in to my account with my primary Yahoo email and enter MY Gmail address it says that it is already taken. I can't check any messages. This is screwed up.
Hi +William Scheb. Please see my comment immediately above yours for where to get help with that problem. It sounds like you are clicking the button to create an account rather than the link to sign in to Gmail. The link is blue text. 
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I wanted hangouts back how do i get in to Gmail do i have to go to Gmail search if anybody here knows I'm ready to listen 
Wagaan! let konnet online, more updated.
Still can't sort my friends for their online status, when are you going to add this BASIC feature that's going to dispel much of the resistance of a lot of people to use hangouts
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Still cannot see people online on hangout....just one or two people are probably shows online only those people who use hangout....plz chk the functionality and do the needful....
can not see people online on hangouts.....
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it does not work. Some friends are online but they don't appear in this tab. If I search for them, they are online.
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