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Clifford Brody originally shared:
Global Bankers Institute is now on Google+. Google+ is like a cross between LinkedIn and Facebook - more professional than Facebook, but more social than LinkedIn. Come check it out.
Training, Communication and Consulting Firm dedicated to banking and financial services.
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Training, Communication and Consulting Firm dedicated to banking and financial services.

Global Bankers Institute (GBI) is a Training, Communication and Consulting Firm dedicated to the banking, insurance and financial services community with innovative top-quality solutions that provide measurable business results. With a headquarters in the heart of the financial district in New York at 245 Park Avenue, GBI has locations and representatives around the world. GBI’s BEST! Training, Communication and Consulting solutions based on global best practices include Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Branch Management Training, Branch Security Training, Business Development Training, Career Mapping, Cascading Goals, Certification, Children's Programs, Classroom, Coaching, Code of Conduct, Communication Programs, Competency Mapping, Compliance Audit, Consumer Lending Training, Continuity Planning, Corporate Governance, Corporate Culture, Crisis Management, Cultural Sensitivity, Customer TouchPoints, DeNovo Banks, Diversity, Documentation, eLearning, Ethics Training, Fraud Prevention and Reporting Training, Gap Analysis, Harassment, Human Capital Performance Improvement (HCPI) Audit, Information Security Training, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), KPI Dashboard, Key Performance Measures (KPM), Leadership Training, Marketing and Advertising, Marketplace Development, Mentoring, OFAC, Onboarding, Organization Structure, Outsourcing, Outward Bound, Platform Sales, Problem Solving, Product Development, Production Standards, Productivity and Quality, Professionalism, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Records Management, Recruitment, Reengineering, Relationship Management, Relationship Selling, Risk Assessment, Sales and Service Training, Security Planning, Seminars, Strategic Planning, Supervisory Skills, Sustainability, Systems Training, Teller Training, TNA, Train-the-Trainer, Training Value Analysis, Wealth Management, Workforce Development and Workplace Safety.

The BEST! Bank Training, Communication and Consulting in the world is brought to you by Global Bankers Institute. From the boardrooms to the branches, from the operations centers to the trading floors, the principals of Global Bankers Institute have nearly 100 years of combined on the ground experience improving ROI and employee performance at banking, insurance and financial institutions around the world. 

We have collaborated with over 1000 companies. We know what works and understand what fails. Now we bring you expertise and global best practices in training, communication and consulting first hand from our experience.

To learn more about our unparalleled expertise and experience, click here.

Click here for an overview of Global Bankers Institute.

The founders of Global Bankers Institute have been thought leaders and innovators in the banking and training industries for 25 years. 

We integrated business results into training roundtables for organizational accountability, translated theory into application for effective adult learning, and blended high-tech with high-touch for classroom plus computer delivery. In a tech-savvy world, we migrated training agendas into career paths and competencies into behaviors. We modernized training without sacrificing the principles on which today's banks were built.

To learn about our contributions to the industry,click here.

Global Bankers Institute was created with one guiding principle: Deliver VALUE to our clients. 

Whether you hire us to improve performance throughout the organization, to implement a company-wide Training Academy, or to teach a one time workshop, we will bring you the BEST! training, communication and consulting solutions! That's our promise. 

Simply the BEST! Solutions

Simply the BEST! Service

Simply the BEST! Results.

We know that maximizing the return on investment in any solution is critical. With any training program delivered, we will measure and demonstrate the positive return on investment or we will refund all fees. 

To learn more about our commitment to value and our ROI Money Back Guarantee,click here.

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Contact info
1.212.579.5500, 1.877.456.0304
245 Park Avenue Suite 2400 New York, NY 10167