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Installation done a couple of days ago

Central Africa
Very remote area
1.2 meter
4 watt transmitter

High speed reliable internet connectivity 768 Kbps/256 Kbps
Upgradable up to 10.5 Mbps dedicated using the same equipment

Twice the capacity automatically during the off-peak hours

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Recent C-band installation done early this past week In Central of the Africa.

This satellite IP connectivity, 2.4 meter, will allow a very remote site to monitor the hydroelectric generator site (30 MW) and grant access to the local management team and maintenance to our very reliable internet connectivity doing a "hop" from the middle of nowhere to our operations in Brussels where they will be connected, than connected to the Fiber EU backbone.

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Nous avions il y a qqls semaines fait exactement la même installation avec le même partenaire a Kidal ? également au Mali.

Tout cela pour les UN

Accès partagé
768 Kbps
Peut être augmenté facilement à 10.5 Mbps à la demande.

Cette station au Mali offre un accès internet fiable avec nos opérations a Bruxelles depuis 2 mois.

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Installation faite pas notre partenaire local pour le UN à Tessalit au Mali.

768 Kbps
Accès partagé en 4 :1

Installation rapidement mise en place
Pointages parfait

Grace à nos équipes sur le terrain nous sommes très efficace et les organisations comme les UN sont ravies.

Les équipements fournis sont: une antenne de 2.4m bande-C , 5 watt Tx , LNB PLL un modem iFast-IP configuré , 50 mètres de câble coaxial faible perte, la protection foudre et notre roiuter WIFI

Nous avons beaucoup d’équipements en service pour les UN au MALI.
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New Features

• We did a huge capacity upgrade on NSS-12 Ku-band over East Africa
• We do have now twice(2x) the previous capacity for offering capacity to more client due to our growing business

Past upgrade
• We did six (6) weeks ago also a significant upgrade on our other satellite
• T11n
• West and central Africa
• Ku-band

• No more Peer2Peer such as BitTorrent and equivalent are available on our network during your local Peak-hours
• Everything is permitted during the off-peak time (+/-60 applications are banned during peak time)

• The off-peak hours are;
o 06:30 pm till 07:00am Monday to Friday
o And all Week-End

Dual speed
• All our shared access subscription receives twice(2x) the download speed during your local off-peak hours

Satellite and coverage
• We do offer a full African coverage using a 1.2m over all Africa in Ku-band
o Huge capacity available
o Easier logistics
o Shared access or full dedicated
o Very stable connection

• We do offer a full African coverage using a 2.4m over all Africa in C-band
o Huge capacity available
o Very professional
o Very high reliability

For any informations contact us;
• +32 10 48 56 00

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NSS-12 Satellite coverage over Eastern part of Africa UPGRADE THE 28TH of October 2016 and now active on this footprint.
Second upgrade in one month(T11n and now NSS-12)

We have now twice the capacity as previously on this coverage.

All Ku 1.2m dish and case by case 90 cm dish.

Unique features offered by GlobalTT such as twice(2x) the speed during the Off-Peak (6:30 pm till 7 am and all WE), or the management of your “entertainment and Clouding “ Applications via our web interface , no additional hardware on the field.

More than 50 different added-value or Software and unique feature , as well as more than 3 000 subscriptions type from shared access(4:1) up to full dedicated (1:1).

GlobalTT is offering service from three(3) satellite Ku-band and C-band over All Africa for Enterprises and Business applications


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We do have many new live pictures; Two more webcam on the atenna for showing them as well as the nanocoating. Additional wearther radar live pictures (Africa & Europe) LINK :

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Recent Updates

Nous avons ajouté plusieurs Live WebCam de nos antennes, surtout pour montrer de prêt notre "NanoCoating". Nous avons également ajouté sur notre site web, des images en directes de zones de pluies et orages sur l'Afrique et l'Europe. LIEN :

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Boost or accelerate your running subscription, on-demand, anytime at 10.5 Mbps/1 Mbps.
Obtain 10.5 Mbps instantly for 15 minutes or more.

Pay this added value and this option using PayPal and get it immediately.

You can call for this option anytime on our Web-interface.

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We are at GlobalTT working on cleaning our 6.3 m 4 port Vertex Ku-band antenna.

This antenna is in maintenance position for some weeks.

Waiting for some nanotechnology coating to be sprayed on the reflector, to improve the performance, and eliminate the moister and humidity for the coming 3 years.

We are keen to have this antennae very soon re-align for our operation on our satellite T11n covering all Africa in Ku-band.

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