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MIT researchers have developed a glass that produce an array of conical features, is self-cleaning and resists fogging and glare, the researchers say.

I'll take that in my house and car please!

"One of the most instantly recognizable features of glass is the way it reflects light. But a new way of creating surface textures on glass, developed by researchers at MIT, virtually eliminates reflections, producing glass that is almost unrecognizable because of its absence of glare — and whose surface causes water droplets to bounce right off, like tiny rubber balls."

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will it stop birds flying into windows?
wait....since when wasn't glass water repellent?
This sounds awesome but it also sounds like the very slow demise of my window cleaning business as these windows start showing up in public. Then I guess we'll be "antique window cleaners"
+Chad Kovac you're going about this the wrong way. It's an opportunity to sell windows now...
+Chad Kovac i'm sure it will be years before this is put on all glass available to the public. Even after that, how often do people get all new windows in their house....maybe every 20?
+Dan Soto water adheres to glass through capillary action. That's what makes it slide. With this new type of glass water bounces. Imagine pouring water into that!
+Dan Soto yeah, that's right. This type of glass repels it even more which is what impedes fogging. Extra-repellent perhaps?
There is already TiO2 that people can coat windows (and anything else) with that will give them self-cleaning properties. Haven't actually tried it yet but the results posted online seem promising.
all that said, glad we've already fixed all our important issues so we can have invisible glass.
Hehe, someone's been browsing Reddit.
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