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I'm finding plenty of social activity here?? What do you guys think?

Google's emerging social network Google+ may boast big user numbers, but a new study suggests that social activity and user engagement are anything but
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I think they are doing it wrong. If you are looking for people you know, i would agree, it is a ghost town.
Sure, I really like G+ because there's so many clever articles/people to read. But almost none of my friends are using it unluckily.
+Chris Harrison haha yeah. i guess it depends on the community you are in. Not many of my everyday friends are big into tech/social media/photography. seems what this is used for more so. ....
For my groupe of coworkers and friends it is a ghost town. However, we have been using Google+ hangouts at work on a daily basis to interface with remote team member, and it has worked splendidly.
I wonder how these studies actually get their numbers. After all, even just polling the 'whats hot' for +1's and comments each day would show this is anything but a ghost town.
I use it a ton, I hardly use twitter unless I am posting a link to get people to come to my sites or even FB anymore. Twitter was where the nerds used to be, this is where they are now so I will not waste my time with Britney Spears or all the other idiots out there.
Well, let's share this article to some epic numbers to show the social interaction, lol
I think they should give it more time. People who have tried to use it like FB fail because they haven't done their homework to understand the purpose of G+, but in the grand scheme of things, I find out more about technology, computers, and video making. The interactive portion is pretty cool as well. But change and embracing the unknown are always the hardest for people, especially where new networks are concerned.
I think the big problem is that Google doesn't explain it very well... It's not a ghost town for me because I'm following a metric ton of random awesome strangers... Anyone wandering from Facebook just sees that their 'friends' aren't here and leave... If they advertised it as a network where you gather around topics and interests vs people you already knew I think they'd have better luck...
When you create a Gmail account, a Google+ account is also created. But lots of people don't use their Google+ account. That's why the activity stats are low.

If you don't count inactive users, Google+ is very active.
I like it. I don't consider it a failure. I hope (and fully expect) that Google doesn't either. I'd hate to see it go away. I've been on the edge of closing my facebook account several times but I almost never visit it anymore. So, it's more or less dead to me.
I agree, the biggest thing I pick up from my friends is that they don't like it. Afer you dig deeper with them, you find that it is becuase thy approach it with the exact same approach they took with Facebook. I have to continue to explain that it is different. The sad truth is that the masses are cattle. It takes a different kind of person to really get into G+. You have to have a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for something different, the desire to expand your horizons and circles (if you will pardon the pun).

#Google+ needs to put it out there, clearly, that this is not Facebook on Google. It's a different approach to social networking and communication.

I think the important thing is it only takes two people to "communicate", and you can probably learn more just as easily. Facebook is weird. You can actually accomplish things here in G+... for whatever reason, it seems to work. I have a huge problem with that Facebook "friend" thing... maybe because I know what a real friend is. :) Communicate with G+. Talk to your friends at the park or at church or something.
Yeah i dont see the 'ghost town' they are referring to.
Stop responding to this post. We are not supposed to be here. You are all a bunch of noisy ghosts!
Poltergeist posts!

Is it bad that part of me hopes that Facebook (and its attendant drama) never has a mass exodus to here?
I like ghost towns, much better than brainless zombies... like in you know where town :-/
I don't think that comparing G+ to FB works.
"Links and other items shared publicly by Google+ users are re-shared just 0.17 times per post on average." This is a bad thing? Only the important stuff is +'ed or shared.
I think the interaction I get here is fine. Way more for me than Facebook or Twitter. Could be because I have more followers here than FB and Twitter combined.
If you've got questions, G+ has answers.
Google Plus have the more intellectual folks here so... that mean you find more hoodlums on twitter and FB thats the fact.. creative, artistic and brilliant minds converge here
I don't know if it is more intellectual but the quality of the content and the comments are high. There are plenty of knuckleheads using + just like FB or Twitter. Just take a peek at the nearby stream on your mobile device.
well you have a point but most of the small minded folks never stay cause they cant comprehend what goes on here...
To the dismay of my friends and family I dumped my FB account last year and never once looked back. To me social network is about engagement with the people reading what you have to say or share. Sorry, +1's and Likes are NOT engagement IMHO. This here discussion - THAT'S engagement. And simply just don't get that at FB. FB is more superficial in that it's all about sharing what you're doing or have done with friends and family. Google+ offers more "here's something interesting, lets talk about it.".

Most of the FB users that come here looking for their friends, not seeing them, calling it a ghost town, and then leaves. Those people will most likely never ever become active Google+ users. The problem is iterative. Their friends aren't here because their friends think just like them and because their friend's friends aren't here they don't stay either. Ad infinitum.
Seems many of us were held back by our personal networks, even if they signed up w/G+ .... Ones I expected to take to it ( IT friends & family) were so overwhelmed by work (loved G+) but still fell back on using old group e-mail chain/msg connections : ( Recently started following great public posts. Thanks for keeping the dialog flowing. I'll try to nudge my circles by sharing this one.
People keep telling me this and I'm like: "Then who the hell are all the people I'm having conversations with?"
Just because their feed doesn't feel like their Facebook feed they believe Google+ is a ghost town.
FB is for people who wants to know what is happening in other peoples lives or people who want a place to show what they have... empty people or pendejos, choose your word
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