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Hopefully your device is on the list...
It's mid-May -- do you know where your Ice Cream Sandwich update is? Six months after Android 4.0 made its debut on the
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Yay, my phone is included! Don't have to throw out any money to receive the update :)
Good thing my Xperia pro got in on the list...
Got the Galaxy Nexus .. Still waiting for much needed updates :=(
Yes it got ICS.. But an outdated 4.0.2 :/
+Chris Morales +Glenn Thomas you'r right, but I'm lazy and waiting for 1 click solution like I could on the iphone :p

(and yar just sad that google will leave their own phone unpatched..)
Then its just a matter of flashing a ROM. Pink Unicorns seem to be the flavor of the day...
Lily L
I got the update on my Samsung Galaxy SII but not after struggling with the POS that is Kies :(
I know my LG Optimus S (Three year old phone) will never get ICS officially, that is OK, it was a free phone to begin with. In fact, I flashed a custom ROM a month after I got it, and have not regretted it, as I still use it daily. I plan on finally replacing it though, as it is rather dated by now, with the LG Viper, soon as I find out good Rooting custom ROM support.
Yeah...running the pink unicorn on my Evo 4G.
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