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Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Apple iCloud vs Skydrive.

Pick your poison.

I choose Google Drive!

Do you?
Sometimes a table says a thousand words. Now that Google has finally announced its cloud service, Google Drive, we're sure more than a
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Don't forget #ubuntuone ;)
I am #UbuntuOne and My Google Drive is not ready yet... :(
there's no Drive linux interface though is there, at least they don't advertise, says "PC/Mac and Android devices"
I'm waiting to try it out first hand before I throw my two cents in. Currently I'm using ubuntu one and drobbox sparingly. I look forward to trying it out though.
Dropbox is feature rich by comparison to Google Drive but if I had to pay for something, GD is at least reasonable.
In terms of ease of use and getting shit into it, seems like Dropbox is the winner *so far* but I'm confident that GDrive will add things like camera upload and whatnot to the mobile app soon enough. Ideally, if they offered the option to FULLY sync the mobile app with selected - or all - folders in GDrive (for us power users with unlimited data plans) then I think we'd have a clear winner.

Furthermore, sharing to G+ should be stupid easy and isn't quite there yet. So far what I see are options for sharing to email contacts (big whoop for businesses I guess) but until I can type +*whatever* and get my G+ contacts suggested I'm less than impressed. Still, I'm sure this is all planned in the long run.
Thanks,but,no thanks.I'll keep using Skydrive.I get a 25gb(for free). And I've had at least 5gb since 2007.GDrive is great for some.But for's too little too late.
Google makes money from advertisers who'd love nothing more than to take a peek at my data so they could build a profile on me and pitch me products.

Apple makes its money from consumers like me.

Always, always follow the money trail!
After playing with it more on the PC and futzing around with the web interface I'm less positive at this point. What we have is an inferior method of sharing whatever to basically email contacts only.

Integration with G+ and all other services is not complete by any means, and while this is sure to improve, it needed to have this functionality out of the *cough* box in order to be the Dropbox killer everybody was expecting.

Dropbox has only to enable folder sharing from within the mobile app, complete sync to mobile for power users, and they've pretty much won my business forever. Fingers crossed that Drive gets it's act together.
I'm a dropbox user and work with a lot of naive users. It's the easiest for them to negotiate, and I've been very pleased with it. No reason to change at the moment, and I agree that I don't want to give Google MORE of my data.
Skydrive & Google Drive are the new entrants and will have a lot of integration's coming up their sleeve.Dedicated Dropbox users might not switch in the immediate so looks like some interesting competition ahead.
iCloud rocks if you are "all" on apple. Google drive will replace my Dropbox.
The more I play with it, the less I see the real point. From a collaborative standpoint involving documents, sure, looks good (as long as you don't mind the vague privacy terms and aren't discussing company secrets).

When it comes to photos, G+ auto uploads them from your phone and Picasa sends them to G+ as well. You would think that these end up in Drive, but no they don't. Why, Google, do I need a barrier between G+/Drive?

In terms of music, we have Google Music... huzzah! Except, again we have a barrier between the two. Sure I can upload any music I like to Drive (with the added advantage of it not being downsampled) but then it isn't accessible to Google Music. Personally that's annoying as hell to me.

So far, everything I can put into Drive is isolated from all my other Google services without several additional steps to get it there, which frankly disappoints the living hell outta me. Add to the list of negatives a very real lack of privacy assurances and I've got a very sour taste in my mouth at this point.
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