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Glenn Strycker

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Wow.  I can't believe this author wants to give up privacy for everyone in hopes of possibly solving a few crimes for a few.

How many crimes could result from people looking up information (e.g. home addresses) on stolen unprotected phones?  I'd rather have my information kept safe!

This is an excellent example of the trade-offs between freedom and security.
Citing customer privacy, Apple and Google have enabled wrongdoers to hide their criminal activity.
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Glenn Strycker

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He forgot Ice-9!  (Vonnegut, anyone?)
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Glenn Strycker

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This is the first coherent thing I've read thus far about  #cecilthelion .
Do Americans who are upset about Cecil even realize how terrifying animals can be?
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Glenn Strycker

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Kind of funny, kind of sad...

Evidently people in Virginia and Maryland are much better at brushing their teeth than the states around them!

...Or maybe people in the Ohio river valley just live longer?  Here's hoping.
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Glenn Strycker

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There’s a good legal argument for a right to plural marriage.
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Interesting ideas, +Jake VK and +Jesse McDonald ... that's probably the way things will go.  I'm all for the government staying out of agreements between 2 individuals!  What makes marriage a bit different than other contracts is that we have the idea of "marriage benefits" in our society.  If persons A+B decide to make a contract between themselves, I as "person C" must now treat A differently (say, if I were A's employer, I must now provide addition health care to B, even though I myself had no prior relationship to B).  This is really interesting!!  "A+B affecting C" is the key issue around many philosophical government debates (like taxation).

Suffice to say, either laws will be changed to not reflect marital status (Jesse's argument), which is akin to saying marriage benefits will be taken away, or if "marriage" evolves to simply a contract between any two individuals (Jake's argument), then effectively marriage benefits will increase.

I think those are the main two cases... I'm not sure I'm totally happy with either outcome.  Not arguing with your points, just sayin'.
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Glenn Strycker

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Wow.  David Brooks has some pretty strong words today about our new Iran policy... I think I agree.

"Iran is a fanatical, hegemonic, hate-filled regime. If you think its radicalism is going to be softened by a few global trade opportunities, you really haven’t been paying attention to the Middle East over the past four decades.

Iran will use its $150 billion windfall to spread terror around the region and exert its power. It will incrementally but dangerously cheat on the accord. Armed with money, ballistic weapons and an eventual nuclear breakout, it will become more aggressive. As the end of the nuclear delay comes into view, the 45th or 46th president will decide that action must be taken."
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Yet some 30 leading US scientists endorse the deal.
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Glenn Strycker

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This is a really nice visualization.

I currently live in one counties on this plot (Cook), previously lived in another (DuPage), and visited at least another 2-3.  One of my brother lives just north of another.  I wonder how many degrees of separation every American is from one of these counties?
MANHATTAN IS MORE EXTREME THAN YOU THINK IN POPULATION DENSITY Slinging numbers around all day, one adage we believe is that most surprising statistics are wrong. But here’s one that’s not: When you look at the 100 most populous counties in the USA, Manhattan (aka New York County) has about twice the population density of …
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Glenn Strycker

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This is an important point:

"MaCurdy found that the costs of raising the wage are passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices. Minimum-wage workers often work at places that disproportionately serve people down the income scale. So raising the minimum wage is like a regressive consumption tax paid for by the poor to subsidize the wages of workers who are often middle class."

In other words, what people buy the largest percentage of their total purchases from places like Walmart?  Raising prices at companies that primarily hire at the minimum wage will increase prices disproportionally for many more poor people, both for minimum wage earners as well as people barely above that wage but still below the poverty line.
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Glenn Strycker

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Another great visualization from the IDV Solutions UXBlog
In North America, tornadoes can be a real...problem. Their geographic pattern and seasonal trend is something I think a lot about here, from the perspective of understanding risk -especially on behalf of organizations that ha...
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Glenn Strycker

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Interesting article and study, but does this plot actually show anything?  This is about the noisiest data I ever seen.  They need to increase their sample size and account for confounding variables.
IT BEGAN with some marshmallows. In the 1960s Walter Mischel, a psychologist then working at Stanford University, started a series of experiments on young children....
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Hmm, a lot of people lacking self control add so much bad habits to their lives that at 25 they look like 45:). I cannot agree.
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This is by far my favorite place in Chinatown -- truly authentic Sichuan. Great food, comfortable atmosphere, pleasant waitstaff, inexpensive. Order the crunchy garlic shrimp with noodles! Also, Double Li's is flexible and fun -- when my brother came back to the states after 6 months in China he was able to practice his Mandarin and order an item off the menu!
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