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This plot is really informative. I wish there was a version that goes back further in time, it would be interesting to see how things looked at different periods in USA history, for example, during Reconstruction after the Civil War.
The electoral map is many shades of Republican and Democrat—and always shifting. Which states have moved to the middle, and which are slipping out of reach for the opposition party?
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Glenn Strycker

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Beautiful application of mathematics... makes me nostalgic for the time when I was a math major in undergrad and we did projects like this for summer internships. I don't think we ever had visualizations so elegant, though!
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Glenn Strycker

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We inherently desire to do good, but society’s assumptions of selfishness affect our behavior.
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If you're trying to modify people's behavior through taxes, fines, or rewards then you're already going up against one of the most fundamental axioms in economics, that those closest to the problem (individuals) generally have the best information and incentives to make the right decisions to efficiently achieve their own goals.

If you're intent on forcing suboptimal decisions on them anyway, however, then I can see how a more complete model of human behavior would be useful, as opposed to the simplified material-only version favored by most political economists.
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Amazing post! I shared this with a bunch of people 
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This road trip plan sounds great! (The 70deg version, not the 80deg).
** Update on Oct 28. 80°F Road Trip Added at End of Post ** What constitutes "nice" weather? That is a question that I have spent a lot of time thinking about over the years. Unfortunately there is no satisfactory answer. One...
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This is a very interesting post with some good insights, but unfortunately it is difficult to tell at times when Adams is being sincere, sarcastic, or merely provocative.
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Scott Adams, known by most as the creator of Dilbert, actually has a very interesting blog mostly about political science / political philosophy.

His recent post has a gem at the bottom, but be advised he writes in a provocative way and you may be prematurely offended before you get to the good stuff. Stay with it!

"If we had a real government – the kind that works – we would acknowledge that gun violence is not one big problem with one big solution. It is millions of people with different risk profiles voting their self-interest as they see it.

So stop acting like one side is stupid. Both sides of the gun issue are scared, and both have legitimate reasons to be that way. Neither side is “right.” "
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I love this line I just read in Moby Dick yesterday:

"Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian."

Melville was probably referencing race more than religion in this statement, but it's still a good reminder for Christians that our actions that speak louder than words.
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Glenn Strycker

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This is well stated:

"Third, the idea has spread that people and groups have a right not to be offended. This may sound innocuous. Politeness is a virtue, after all. But if I have a right not to be offended, that means someone must police what you say about me, or about the things I hold dear, such as my ethnic group, religion, or even political beliefs. Since offence is subjective, the power to police it is both vast and arbitrary."
Curbs on free speech are growing tighter. It is time to speak out
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This is by far my favorite place in Chinatown -- truly authentic Sichuan. Great food, comfortable atmosphere, pleasant waitstaff, inexpensive. Order the crunchy garlic shrimp with noodles! Also, Double Li's is flexible and fun -- when my brother came back to the states after 6 months in China he was able to practice his Mandarin and order an item off the menu!
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