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Glenn Guy
Photographer, Teacher, Traveller
Photographer, Teacher, Traveller

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Photographing Decay and Metamorphosis

This has been an important theme in a lot of nature based photography over the years. I hope you enjoy the image and the story about how I made it.

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Kolkata Kids, India

Photographing local lads in the backstreets of Kolkata, India.

#kolkata #india #StreetPhotography

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Being Remarkable and How to Get There

I'm sure you'll love this post, illustrating with a striking image from northern Iceland.

#Iceland #photography #LandscapePhotography 

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7 Tips for How to Approach a Photo Walk

This post is loaded with photos that will make your own experience of a photo walk so much better.

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How to Photograph a Statue During the Middle of the Day

This post discusses how to photograph iconic subject matter under bright, tropical conditions.

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How To Photograph An Angel

You'll find beautiful images from Australia, Belgium and Argentina illustrating this post. 

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Saint Thomas, St. Thomas Mount, India

A beautiful statue on the site near which the Apostle, St. Thomas, was believed to have been martyred. He's regarded as the patron saint of India.

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How Do You Define Success?

Looking back towards #SouthGeorgiaIsland in the southern Atlantic Ocean it's surprising what comes to mind.

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The Executioners Cottage

Aaah! That explains the abundant lawns.

#Salzburg #Austria

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Photographing Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, India

I was told that, due to terrorism concerns, no photography was allowed.

Here's how I managed a potentially very frustrating situation.
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