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Hard to believe Google+ is using 302 redirects with new custom URLs! Should absolutely be a 301... :) #seo
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I don't think they think about seo 
Clearly. :) Funny to see that, though!
Forgive a blonde...  :-)
What's the difference?  Or point?
I wonder how this will affect authorship. 
Great question. I was wondering when someone would ask me that. :)

I've been monitoring that today to see if the 302 will impact authorship. So far, no problems, but I could see that potentially causing issues.
Jaana, 301s are permanent redirects and should be used when you want to pass search equity from an old url to a new one. 302s are temporary redirects, and are not considered search engine friendly. 

Both can pass PageRank (as John Mueller from Google explained during a webmaster hangout), but there have been issues in the past with 302s. You should always use a 301 to make sure search equity gets passed to the new URLs.
Funny. A case of "do as I say, not do as I do".
Wonder that myself the other day why Google+ is doing that too...
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