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Exceptionally calm Lake Michigan at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. 
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Arch Spring, Pennsylvania 

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Tytoona Cave, Pennsylvania. Water gushes out of one crack in the earth and disappears down another. 
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Site redesign today. Testing the "open graph" sharing features.

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An oasis in a desert of what?

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NYC students prepare for the 2015 Intel ISEF at the renaissance Hotel in Pittsburgh
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2015 NYCSEF Awards (first ISEF Award in seven years, more money than any year)

Interstellar was a let down. 

My biggest problem was Anne Hathaway and her comment about love being a multidimensional technobabble. Had any real astronauts been in that situation they would've recognized that something was wrong. "Hey guys. I've got this irrational notion. I thought I'd use it to guide us through this critical moment where rational thinking is essential. Love is all you need. Whad'dya think?" They should've blown her out the airlock for a comment like that.

I did not enjoy Matt Damon's meltdown followed by the destruction of the rotating space habitat (don't remember what they called it). It was a horrid intrusion that was telegraphed to us for what seemed like minutes. "Hey Coop. I'm going to tell you this really creepy story, real slow like and you're going to listen to it and not know what my motive is. Then I'm going to fuck everything up irrevocably. You don't see this coming, do you?" Nothing worse than sitting there watching a formulaic movie trope play out in slow motion. Pure agony.

So then Matt Damon crashes into the rotating space habitat. The thing should've fallen apart. Spacecraft aren't constructed like terrestrial buildings. The thing didn't look any more robust than the ISS, which is basically a bunch of aluminum cans draped over a giant bicycle frame. Then they spun it up to 10-20 rpm. Ummmm, no.

The future humans built a tesseract just so that Matthew McConaughey could get a trans-temporal message to his daughter and save the Earth. Why didn't they just save the earth? They had enough technology to build a 5D funhouse for Mr. Alright Alright but not enough to save the Earth. Logic meltdown!

It was too long. I didn't pay attention to the times when I bought the ticket. I kept wondering when something was going to happen. Then I thought I was witnessing actual time dilation.

Really loud music that obscured the dialog. That's so the audience will know that something physically or emotionally powerful is occurring. Because you know, we really aren't smart enough to figure that kind of thing out. Mash that organ keyboard!

One physics error. Inside Cooper station when the kids were playing baseball. The batter hits a pop up and the ball traveled straight up across to the opposite side and crashed through a skylight in a detached house (because, when all that remains is a few thousand humans in rotating cylinders in space, we'll all live the wasteful suburban lifestyle that destroyed the original Earth). There was no Coriolis effect. The ball should have travelled on an arc.

I did enjoy the theme of runaway fungal infestation. That totally seems believable. I realize this somewhat contradicts my earlier statement about suburban living being the death of the earth. Some critter figures out how to remake the earth into its own personal paradise. Do you think fungi give a crap about us? Corn rust 1, Vertebrates 0.

Thank you for your time.

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