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Glenn D
almost retired--traveler--plant-powered--atheist--rock climber--tattoo lover #antifa #blm #freepalestine
almost retired--traveler--plant-powered--atheist--rock climber--tattoo lover #antifa #blm #freepalestine

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This post just saved my sanity!

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THIS: "I support free speech. I oppose all censors. I abhor the killings. I mourn the dead. I am not Charlie."

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some really great #Tornado  video footage here - from the front porch!
armchair chaser

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Painful truth
 made a little pie chart about dieting. 

Bonus panel here:

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Most likely my final thoughts on my Google+ blogging experiment...
This will most likely be my last post on this page. The tl;dr is this: until you reach a critical mass of followers, Google+ is no place to blog. The engagement is abysmal. 

If you read about social media online, you will likely read a completely different take on G+ engagement, but that's because the advice is almost always geared toward big brands. +Mike Elgan has over 3.2 MILLION followers. His experience on G+ won't have even the slightest relationship to yours until you reach a similar level of followers. And that's why my own experience is so vastly different from Mike's. 

My engagement on G+ is almost zero.

So just to have a place to jot down my thoughts on social media, I'm going to do so here. But my biggest engagement on the topic will almost definitely come from when I link to it via Twitter. And that's the difference between the conventional wisdom and the real world.

Some thoughts on social media engagement:

* Most advice is geared toward marketing and branding engagement, not personal.
* Most marketing and branding engagement is geared toward large companies, not entrepreneurs.
* Your small company and personal engagement experience will therefore not match most online advice.
* Facebook splits the experience. Your FB page engagement will differ wildly from your personal timeline.

I'm prompted to jot these notes by my own observations. Here's a basic breakdown of my social media thoughts and experiences:


* I've been on FB longer than any other social media platform
* My followers are mostly people I know in real life
* Most would be considered 'family and friends'
* My former classmate engagement is minimal
* My overall engagement is greater than all other social media platforms
* Primary use is personal


* Best platform for tracking niche areas of interest
* Decent engagement with those I follow - most respond to questions
* Follower engagement is high on my personal account, much lower for any other accounts
* Mostly used for my freelance business and personal
* One account is for following political, religious and environmental topics
* highest engagement is with other freelancers


* newcomer, but I'm in 300+ circles
* engagement is almost non-existent
* highest growth is for a page re: weather
* experiment of using G+ as exclusive blogging platform is an utter failure
* you can't translate the experience of high-profile individuals to normal people
* primary use is to follow certain niche areas of information - technology, renewable energy

I guess I might as well use some of that social media conventional wisdom (that I loathe) and end with a question...

Do my thoughts match your social media experience? What are your thoughts?

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W O W!
The Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) advanced prototype rocket just flew 1000m, hovered, and landed in Texas. WATCH (+cows!):
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