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Advice on organising tasks: I'm just trying out Asana and I have some problems. I have three Workplaces (Home, School (where I work) and UKKubb (another venture I am involved in). Inside School I have a couple of projects at the moment: Mentoring, Coding Club. Inside Coding Club I have a section: Admin, but inside Mentoring I just have Tasks with sub tasks.

My problem is that when I come to my overview for the day it does a good job of showing me what tasks are due but sometimes it's difficult to see what the tasks relate to. For example, my Coding Club task 'Divide Club into two groups' appears with a little tag saying which project it is in, but its sub-tasks don't. It's almost impossible to work out what 'email parents' means unless I know it's a sub tasks to Divide club into two groups' inside the Coding Club project.

On the iPhone it's even worse, with even less contectual information on show. SHhould I be using TAGs instead of projects? I just can't work it out.

On the MY TASKS page, when I filter the tasks by Project it's better, but really I want to see my incomplete tasks so that I can decide which ones to complete. Also it randomly shows a Section at the top of the list, for no apparent reason.

Many thanks, Glenn. 
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