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And now some Python programming humour! 
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Amazing BlackFriday to CyberMonday Sale!
Thursday, November 26, 2015. Amazing BlackFriday to CyberMonday Sale! To celebrate Thanksgiving this year we are dropping the registration prices for new registrations for .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .SITE and .PW where the priced will be at at 11 SEK. Sale begins on BLACKFRIDAY, November 27th at 00:00:01 ...
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Has anyone experienced issues with Snapchat and reboots? - When I open the app and view a few snapchat from friends, my phone certainly reboots. I've googled this a bit and found that others with android 4.3 and above are suffering from the same issue, anyone from the Vanir team have any experience with this?
I use the latest nightly #LG   #E975   #GEE  

Another small annoyance, when my phone is rebooted I am not able to type in my Pin code for the lockscreen, I can type in the pin to unlock my SIM card, but the pin code to unlock the phone does not type anything it vibrates but nothing is written. When I switch to emergency call it works fine.
I then have to restart my phone in recovery and rename:
gesture.key and password.key. Then the phone comes up fine, I then rename them back when the phone is up again and the lock screen works fine until next reboot. Any advice to either of the problems would be greatly appreciated. If I need to add troubleshooting steps please let me know what exactly is needed.
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Understandable - And I appreciate all the effort you put into this ROM - It's stable and runs smooth as hell.
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Has the #Geehrc/LG #E975 builds been put on hold?
Haven't seen a release since 07/02-2014.
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Any comments? =)
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What happened to the #LG Optimus G #E975 thread on XDA?
Has the development been discontinued for this device?
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Fair - Thanks. Super job on the ROM it runs like a charm. I would have hated to have to switch again.
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"Ubuntu's forums return"
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Courtesy of - Build IoT devices easily with Python, Node.js & PHP
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Systemd to kill all user processes after logout in release/version 230 (effectively breaking tmux/screen by default) 
Package: systemd Version: 230-1 Severity: normal >From the changelog of systemd version 230: > systemd-logind will now by default terminate user processes that are > part of the user session scope unit (session-XX.scope) when the user > logs out. It is now indeed the case that any background ...
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For when you are bored:
Play ZType! Like the music? Download here! / Old Version (c) –
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Hard on a mobile , i sure aint no teen typer hehe
Any computer problems to report? If so, start with this ;) #Funny #IT #Sysadmin #humour 
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Heheh so glad Linux Servers mostly have no GUI :D
I'll join later into IRC, was in office and training :P
Following our more frequent network problems, a few maintenance steps and extra resources will be put to work. Tonight: 1. We will update the current server to latest i-MSCP version. 2. We will do som
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