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Oh boy. I'm gonna hear it about this one. 

Pro-Vaccine Communication: You're Doing It Wrong
My new post on Symbiartic on the Scientific American Blog Network.
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Yep ;-) And I love it. And, regardless of the subject, you have written a post that also illustrators should learn by heart: this is how one should  be looking at ones work: we are the experts and not only the outside world should recognize that but also we as the experts themselves. 
I see too many great artists that don't dare to stand up for what they know and can add
Jees.  The length and bore of those needles is enough to scare anyone.  A pink Luer connector indicates an 18 gauge needle, which is used mainly for mixing IV medications under a clean hood, not for giving injections.  Even to horses.  And 1.5 inch needles aren't needed for vaccines.  A half inch is long enough. How do I know?  I accidentally stuck two fingers together with an 18ga 1.5in needle once when mixing TPNs.  Smarts just a tad.   :)Bruce
They scare me. And +Glendon Mellow is right: if everyone received a free Micronaut after getting one of these shots, vaccination rates would skyrocket.
What? Micronauts? I'm all for this idea, I just don't remember saying it. 
Whoops, it was Irfan Dhalla, cited in your article, who used the word "toy." Sorry.

(Toy, the word, is indelibly associated with Micronaut in my head.)
I just wanted to touch on the topic of "clinically blue" needles - blue is associated with cleanliness, purity, hygiene, and health, which is why it is such a popular color in the medical community and with medical-type articles (think flashing blue and white lights for an ambulance). I agree, though - time to drag out some other pastels and shake things up a bit. I'd personally like to see more green and salmon tones ;)
"time to drag out some other pastels and shake things up a bit. I'd personally like to see more green and salmon tones " 

This. This this this. People should hire +Raven Amos to illustrate their medical based blogs right now. 
Really good post.

I'm not with it this morning, and for a second I thought SciAm had been take over by ads... rather they were just your examples. As you would suggest I REALLY needa a coffee :P
Thanks Craig. It's interesting that I thought I'd be bombarded by anti-vaxxers and wasn't. The post was mostly well-received by many people I respect in science blogging, and a few thought it was inflammatory and had a poor title - as though illustration is not part of communication. 
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