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The Wikipediafication of Fine Art - talking about Coca-Cola, fetus art, and 90's Kate Moss.

My new post on Symbiartic, the art+science blog on Scientific American!
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Interesting article Glendon. I like that you are more positive now than back in the 90s! The art/science nexus is certainly a stimulating area.
I do a lot of "Art Intervention" and "Identity Correction". And I use "images of power, sex and violence" to grab people's attention. Sounds like a "Shake-n-Bake"...  I am using these "references" to get people to think about the complex issues at hand (i.e.; medical interventions) from a different perspective. And I work very hard to make sure the meaning, and the message, is clear... So it may be "hack", but it is not hard to understand what side of an issue it's about.
I wouldn't call your work Shake n Bake though, +Billiam James  . A good post-modern mash-up can have its own genius. You have clearly thought out opinions and information in your work, prompting people to become curious (worked on me). I was trying to refer to the laziness of an abstracted image with some controversial subject thrown in, without taking a clear stance, through the composition or other elements. 

Not all "art intervention" as a movement would necessarily fall under what we used to call Shake-n-bake. Intellectual laziness was more of a hallmark than throwing in controversial headline elements. 
+Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox Thanks Kathryn! Easier to be more positive now when I have a wonderful wife, some idea of a career, paid off student debt, and I'm not working almost full time while in full-time school! I think there's a reason university students are drawn to angst. It's ground into them by life experiences. 
 +Glendon Mellow Yes it seems like there's always room for creativity -- and even a few cleaver ideas -- in any genre. Thanks Glendon!
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