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Many people don't realize how beneficial yoga really is. With its variety of yoga poses at different intensity levels, it is one of the most enduring exercise programs. #hint #iheartankit #jillyoga #fitness #fitfriday #yoga

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I really like It Cosmetics mini size products because they are perfect for on the go and minimizes space in my bag. In my new post I listed some of my favorites spring and summer IT Cosmetics beauty essentials. #ITCosmetics #ITGirl #beaty #Skincare

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Keep Yourself Safe And Secure From Sexual Violence Every 98 seconds, someone is being sexual assaulted. While there is no way to eliminate the chance of being sexual assaulted, there are devices such as the Portable Personal Alarm from SABRE that can help us stay safer. #PersonalAlarm #SABRE

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There are so many wonderful gifts moms like to receive for Mother’s day. Trying to figure out that perfect gift for Mother’s Day is not easy at all. I tend to stay safe by selecting items that most moms like such as jewelry, accessories, clothing and beauty items. I’ve listed a few of my favorites Mother’s Day gift ideas below. @VooChic & Co Handcrafted Apparel | @ItCosmetics | @CompletelyBare Products | @ PixiBeauty⇔ #mothersday #VooChic #MotherLikeNoOther #iTCosmetics #ConfidenceInYourGlow #PixiBeauty

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The #BristolBeltBag Features:

holds your mobile device
holds your credit cards
keeps your keys in place
keeps your headphone cord neat
has privacy pocket
comes with a portable battery
has a magnetic snap closure
made with an adjustable belt strap
comes with a chain to use as a crossbody #handbag #bag #purse 

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EzClipse recessed lighting will make your home look fabulous because they are so trendy. Our favorites products are "metallic and stylish," because they have a contemporary look to them.
⇒no trimming
⇒fit in any trim
⇒snaps in seconds
#EzClipse #homeDecor

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I really like POPSUGAR Must Have subscription box because it is filled with different products such as clothing, accessories, beauty, home decor, fitness, food and much more. They give you 2 incredible plans to choose from. The first one is the Mini Must Have box which comes with full-sized but fewer products for only $18.95 a month. The second one is the Full-Sized Must Have box which comes with more full-sized products for only $39.95 a month. Their boxes are valued over $100 and include free shipped and quick delivery. If you plan to purchase one of their plan, use this coupon code: SHOP5 which never expires to get $5 off your first box.

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Skin Cancer Foundation has always recommended covering up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses. Clothing is the best way to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The more skin you cover, the less you will have to worry about premature aging and skin cancer. There are companies like Tutublue who make their clothing with UPF fabrics that really protects our skin from the sun. When selecting clothing, make sure to... #tutublue #loveyourskin #sunprotectionclothing 

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The reason why most women love wearing jumpsuits is because they are super stylish, comfortable and versatile. For instance, many jumpsuits are made loose and from a stretchy soft material. In addition, jumpsuits are really easy to style with just about anything in your closet...

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Have you ever used a beauty face mist before? If you haven’t then you should definitely try it! A beauty mist not only calms and reduces irritation. It acts like a pre-primer that gives you instant hydration and radiance within minutes. One of my favorite beauty mist collection is from Pixi Beauty. It works on all skin types. In addition, it works very well and it is affordable. You can even buy it at your local Target. 
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