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"Laser technology developed by the Digital Nature Group have developed a small floating #hologram which could be used for volumetric #graphics or interfaces." - Very interesting... Thanks +prosthetic knowledge for the share.
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Hello everyone, Indianabones here.

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IndianaBones here. 

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Ride in Peace, Bobby Jeffcoat.

Bobby Jeffcoat was out for a morning ride at about 8:00 am last Thursday when he was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. He was heading west in a bike lane along Culebra road on San Antonio's far west side. The morning sun was at his back and he had just passed outside of Loop 1604 on his way into the sparsely populated Texas hill country to enjoy a ride while most people were at work.

Mr. Jeffcoat was 67. I will update this when I can get more information about Mr. Jeffcoat. As of this writing, no obituary has been published. I can tell from photos and video of the crash scene that he was an avid recreational cyclist. He was riding a nice road bike with a carbon fork and aerobars. I saw a nice aero helmet and Oakley style sunglasses on the road.

Several witnesses stopped to render aid. One chased after the driver and got his plate number. As of this writing, he has been charged with failure to stop and render aid. That is a very serious charge in Texas and is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Here is an article about Texas' failure to Stop and Hit And Run Death laws. They are no joke.

In a bit of irony, the driver of the car that hit Mr. Jeffcoat, Jared Wampler, claimed he thought he hit a deer. That was the exact defense of the driver in the case that brought about the harsher penalties for the crime Mr. Wampler has been charged with.

#IAmTraffic   #SaferStreetsNow   #CarsKill  

This is part of my #VirtualGhostBike  project, an effort of mine to commemorate every bicyclist killed in Texas during 2015. If I have missed any, please let me know.  To find more, check out my VirtualGhostBike Collection:


Full text of article to avoid link rot: 
Man arrested after cyclist killed in hit and run
Fox News San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO - The Bandera County Sheriff's Office says a man has been charged in connection with a hit and run accident that killed a bicyclist Thursday morning.

A spokesperson says 24-year-old Jared Wampler has been charged with failure to stop and render aid - death.
People who stopped to help the cyclist hit by the car question how the driver could just keep going.

“This is just horrible, man. The guy should have stopped. Anybody should have stopped that hit a human being, let alone a dog or animal but he should have just stopped," says one witness.

Chris Ruiz was one of several Good Samaritans who saw the man lying just off Culebra Road at about 8 a.m., but said there was little they could do for him.

"It looked like at first he was moving but there was very, very low pulse and some citizens came and jumped in and started giving him CPR," he says.

The man died before emergency responders arrived. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s office later identified him as 67-year-old Bobby Jeffcoat.

Police say a witness followed the Toyota Camry involved in the accident and reported the license plates. Bandera County deputies found the car at a Lakehills home about 20 miles away.

Deputies arrested Wampler on a drug-related warrant, and he allegedly told a deputy he thought he hit a deer this morning.

Witnesses said the cyclist was in the bike lane and was wearing full cycling gear.

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