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In my opinion, the ubiquity of this can't get here soon enough! 

My interest in Galaxy S is waning and my interest in HTC One is rising. In part to Samsung turning in to Applesung and HTC's good sound and metal case.  I am satisfied with my S3 and it still has a lot of life in it but I'm interested to see if the M8 comes out swinging next week.  -- and how long it will be until we start seeing CM11 nightlies.

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I love when you have home and work accounts and Google keeps suggesting that you might know yourself 

At work I use a Linux PC with another Linux VM.  At home I have a W7 PC with a Linux VM.  The only thing I use Windows for is to play Age of Empires once every 2 years. 

I think it's time to make the switch at home...

Does anyone know how to do an embedded link in the Play Store description?  for example  "check out this link"  displays on the screen but when you click it, it will take you to the actual URL.

I tried <a> but it doesn't work and I've seen it done in other app descriptions.

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I worked hard on this one, hope you like it.  I'm learning new things each time I do one of these.  questions/comments are always welcome!

Send the love:

Free for a few days:
[edit: version 1.02 link below]

Is there a way to change the action bar text color other than setting evolve_theme_base?

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I did this one for the learning experience and fun.  Not even sure if I'll get 3 downloads but my wife likes it and that goes a long way ;)  It's free. And it also has a separate landscape background so it doesn't look distorted when you turn your phone.

This will remain open source.  I'd love to give new themers a link for reference once everything is nice and tidy.  I have one issue left.  Group messages are skinny.  If anyone wants to download and give the message.xml a lookover, I'll gladly bow in your general direction (and probably send a buck and some stars too!)

(there is a download link in the information box on the top-right of screen)

remaining issue:

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I'm working on a new theme (bubbles, no contact photots) and have the dreaded issue of received group messages showing up super thin on the left.  I've been pounding my head  against the wall over this for a few  hours.  Anyone have some insight?  I do not have any maxWidth set that would force it to be smaller. 

I don't like asking someone else to do my own homework (so-to-speak) but this one has me stumped.

(ps. colors and background have been changed to preserve full effect for release)
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