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I made a video of that home VR setup I talked about a few weeks back.
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I want one of these. Seriously. How can I get this ?
+Colin Toal, the equipment list is in the video description - it's all off-the-shelf stuff.
Thanks Glen - its very cool - looks like i know what I am doing with my fun budget!
Was there something particular about AeroFly FS (as opposed to, say, X-Plane)?
+Jon Wiley AeroFly looked the best. X-Plane's TrackIR support and cockpits aren't as good, FSX is a bit slow, and the combat sims don't have such awesome terrain.

AeroFly's flight model isn't great, though.
Will you and Lauren adopt me?
Kim Ely
I'm on my way over (flying, of course)
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