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Writer, editor and blogging aficionado.
Writer, editor and blogging aficionado.

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I haven't written for Smart Blogger in a while but here's my latest post. Sometimes feeling that you don't have enough time is really masking a deeper problem...

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It was quite the week for #Flags in America ...

"This Week in ‪‎Flags"‬ by Jonathan Schmock -

One needs to be taken down permanently, and a better one takes it's place


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+Kevin Duncan knocks it out of the park with this valuable (and entertaining!) post on the art of writing great comments.
The Ultimate Guide to Writing Comments That Open Doors with Popular Bloggers

Have you ever left a comment on a popular blog? Were you hoping they would notice you and a relationship would sprout?

Kinda disappointing when it doesn't happen, huh? Maybe a little soul crushing, too? Yeah, I know. Maybe I can help you with that.

+Jon Morrow, +Glen Long, and the good folks at +Boost Blog Traffic, Inc. liked the post I wrote for them back in November so much they invited me back! The result is a simple four-part formula for writing great comments that don't suck, but do open doors with popular bloggers.

Give it a read and let us know what you think!

Read it here:

The massive list of bloggers mentioned and/or linked to in the post includes +Syed Balkhi +Chris Garrett +Adam Connell +Sherman Smith +Steven J Wilson +RB Biddulph +Bryan Collins +Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom +Marc Andre +Richard Martin +Kerry Russell +Miguel Guzmán Miranda +Lisa Sicard +Martin Edwards +Mi Muba +Carol Amato +Andrew Warner +Mandie Sanders +Jenna Dalton +Tom Southern +Tor Refsland +Henneke Duistermaat +Amanda Formaro +The Art of Better +Don Purdum +Pauline Cabrera +Ana Hoffman +Julie R. Neidlinger +CoSchedule +Andrianes Pinantoan +Pooja L +Gertrude Nonterah +Sue Anne Dunlevie +Charlene Kingston +Social Media Examiner +Yaro Starak +Neil Patel +Anne R. Allen +Brian Dean +Harleena Singh +Will Blunt +Brittany Bullen +Mary Collings +Vatsala Shukla +Nathan Ambrose +Will Hoekenga +Adrienne Smith +Jaime Buckley +Jeni Elliott +Sophie Lizard +Bryan Harris +Carol Tice +Darren Rowse +Pamela Wilson 

Wow! Told you it was a long list!

#bloggingtips   #boostblogtraffic   #blogcomments   #beabetterblogger  

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How to Become a Confident Expert (and Stop Feeling Like a Fraud)

Knowledge breeds confidence. But how do you acquire the knowledge you need to feel like an expert in the minimum possible time? #blogging #knowledge

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Honoured to be included in this roundup from +Tor Refsland :-)

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6 Quick Tricks to Transform Crappy Ideas into Gleaming Nuggets of Undeniable Genius

If you're waiting for the perfect idea to appear out of thin air, you might wait a long time. In my latest post on Boost Blog Traffic I give six ways to turn a crappy idea into a great one. #writing #blogging

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We were told he was a pure breed, but I think he may have a bit of monkey in him...

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This is kinda cool. I wonder what other lost fonts are lurking in the Thames...

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Are you sick of getting blank looks when you try to tell people what your blog is about? Then you need to ask yourself five important questions. A great first guest post from +Amy Dunn Moscoso.

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Thanks for +Janice Wald for including me in this expert roundup. I'm in very good company here with the likes of +Adam Connell, +Andy Crestodina and +Jayson DeMers to name just a few. Enjoy!
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