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9 Irresistible Incentives That'll Grow Your Email List Like Crazy

If you're a blogger you're probably sick of being told "the money's in the list". But it's true - the only way to get totally reliable traffic for your blog is to send it yourself via your email list. What you're rarely told is how.

In this post +Stef Gonzaga reveals 9 different ways to help readers overcome their natural inertia around signing up for your list.
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+Jake Parent Yeah - sometimes when I'm picking a featured image for a post it takes ages to find the right one. But as soon as I found that one, it was like: "yep, that's the one".
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Why You Suck at Guest Blogging (and What the Pros do Differently)

Guest blogging is still a great strategy for building your blog - if you do it right. In this week's post +Peter Sandeen explains why most guest bloggers have completely the wrong definition of success and reveals the 5 common mistakes that mean most people screw it up.
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Procrastination for Creative Writers, a 10-Week Course

I do love Tom Gauld's cartoons in the Saturday Guardian...
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Finally, a course to get me going.
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30/30 - Great Productivity App for iOS

You know when you have a really clear idea of an app you need and hope that someone's already built it, and find that they have? That was the joy of discovering the 30/30 productivity app for iOS. It allows you to break your day (or indeed any chunk of time) into a list of timed tasks.

Once the allotted time for a task has elapsed there's an audible cue and it moves onto the next. While you're in a task you can pause it, add/subtract time, mark it as completed, etc.

The interface is beautifully designed and it's all rather elegant.

And it's free. Although you can pay a small amount to buy extra icons to label your tasks.

+Ash Roy might be one to add to your list of tools assuming you don't know about it already...
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Sounds brilliant! Downloading now...
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Glen Long

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Headline Testing Part 2

I wrote last week about how we test headlines at Boost Blog Traffic. For our latest post we had a working headline that seemed pretty good:

13 Authority Hacks That Give You Instant Expert Status Online

To see if we could improve on that I wrote 50 variations, picked what I thought were the best 5 (which happened to include the original one) then tested it on our Facebook page.

And the original headline won. It's weird how I should have felt pleased our first instincts were spot on, but instead had to fight the feeling I'd wasted 2 hours...

Here are the five we tested:

* Get Authority Online! 13 Ideas That Really Work
* 13 Authority Hacks That Make You the Obvious Expert in Your Niche
* 13 Powerful Authority Triggers That Give You Instant Expert Status
* How to Be a Respected Authority in a World of Dumb Pretenders
* 13 Authority Hacks That Give You Instant Expert Status Online
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My pick too. All things considered, it's got that driving force like a good stiff jab.
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Have him in circles
473 people
This is the first in a three-part series about "amplifying" your content on Google+ from +martin shervington , the full-height Marshall stack of social amplifiers. I think Martin's getting ready to turn it up to 11.
Social Media Marketing and the Power of Google Plus! (NEW)
How to build trust and relationships in social media, using Google+
#socialmediamarketing   #googleplusforbusiness  

p.s. there are three parts to this over three days - with a theme of amplifying content...
If you are keen to use social media for marketing then Google+ will connect you to the right people with whom you want to build relationships.
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Thanks +Glen Long!
#SpinalTapPlus  :D
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Procrastination for Creative Writers, a 10-Week Course

Need help with any of these ;-)
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Social interaction with pets would be my workshop of choice - many an hour wasted!
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Glen Long

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Share if you want to participate in an SEO experiment!
The Tardigrade Can Survive almost anything.

This is a test introduced by +Rand Fishkin to see if Google+ activity can influence search. Please share this URL in your own Google+ stream to participate. (but don't link to the page, these posts, or share socially anywhere outside of Google+)
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Thanks +Glen Long. 
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Lovely post from +Adam Connell giving some examples of specific techniques smart Google+ users are using to get more engagement. Nice mention of my Google Authorship guide too. :-)
How To Use Google+ To Engage Your Audience More Effectively
Learn by examples of some truly dynamic social pro's

In my new post over on the +Brandwatch blog you can find a solid set of tips on how to engage your audience better on G+.

There are some great folks on G+ right now that do a great job of this so you won't just find a list of tips, you'll find out how exactly how they're being used.

Read it here:

Mentions go out to: +Mark Traphagen, +martin shervington, +Ryan Hanley, +Rebekah Radice, +Demian Farnworth, +Dustin W. Stout, +Ana Hoffman, +Jason Brooks+Glen Long and +Eric Enge.

#googleplustips   #engageyouraudience           
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Thanks +Glen Long!
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Glen Long

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This is +Jason Gracia's first post for Boost Blog Traffic and it's a strong debut. "Authority" is a popular buzzword at the moment and it's certainly desirable to be seen as a trusted expert online. Of course it's partly about what you know, but it's about what you do too. These simple hacks will help give you an expert "aura" that makes people take you seriously from the word go.
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Have him in circles
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