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Glen Lancaster
Exploring the world - one hammock at a time
Exploring the world - one hammock at a time

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The MicroSD card reader on the Dell makes this chromebook useless for most people and the Toshiba with the standard SD card slot the clear winner by far.

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200,000 people have signed this petition to stop the Secret Police Bill C-51. Add your name too at

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Meet Chromebit, A ChromeOS computer on a stick that you plug into just about any display to turn it into a computer.

I absolutely love my Chromebook and this just makes it more accessible.


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Burrowing Owl 2015
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First Harper came for the scientists
I remained silent
I was not a scientist

When he came for healthcare
I remained silent
I was not a doctor

When he came for the veterans
I remained silent
I was not a veteran

When he came for the Muslims
I remained silent
I was not a Muslim

When he came for me
There was no one left to speak out.

- acknowledgements to Martin Niemöller

Thoughts on the upcoming Translink Referendum.

We essentially have two governmental bodies with fundamentally opposing viewpoints both trying to solve the same problem.

Translink's philosophy is to get everyone out of their cars and into public transit. The body that governs roads is tasked with the opposite problem of building the very roads Translink wants us to stop using. This is an insane way to solve the transportation problem.

What we need is a single body that manages transportation, that deals with all forms of moving people around, and relies on well founded evidence to take the long term view of how to do that without resorting to ideology. It should be funded separately from General Revenue and be held accountable in some meaningful way.
It should be pragmatic so that it understands where public transit is applicable and where cars are applicable.

It should have a long term vision to plan ahead for the future of transportation such as self-drive cars that if successful will fundamentally change our notion of transportation forever. Only a single agency that can see this big picture will have a chance of succeeding.

Translink is a testament to the past and cannot possibly fulfill this mandate. It is broken. So, no, I don't want to throw more money at Translink. I want a realistic, practical long-term transportation solution, not a narrow, short-term transit solution.

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Silence of the Labs

This fantastic CBC Fifth Estate documentary exposes the incredible damage to science that the Harper government finds inconvenient. It is no wonder they are are also trying to kill the CBC too.

The message here is: Ignorance over evidence.
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