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Users spent 3 minutes a month there, according to ComScore. That's compared with 7 hours a month for Facebook.
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It took me 7 hours just to figure out the stupid FB timeline... I'm still confused...
Spent my 3 minutes. Done. See you all in March.
Actually +Glen Gilmore most intelligent people on G+ find it to be a much better social interation than FB and predictions are that it will actually become the dominant social media...and I am an anti-aging doctor with no stock or interest in google....just like it...
We can agree, I would think, +Kim Crawford that Google has put its full weight behind promoting Google+ with great effect. I, nonetheless, suspect that its stubborn refusal to provide seamless integration with other social networks will freeze its progress.

Google+'s numbers will continue to grow because of Google's web dominance. Many more will join because of this. Will they stay and interact? From your comments, some certainly will.

At this point, however, I find there is a far more steady and robust exchange of information and conversation on Twitter, my social network of preference. Forgive me for suggesting so, but I also find many "intelligent people" there as well...To each his own.
I am a real Google+ fan because google has taken my needs into account. I can communicate with circles. I don't have to post to my page and hope some people see it (or don't). AND Who has time to relearn Facebook as "timeline" is forced on us? That was the last straw for me.
+Glen Gilmore & +Kim Crawford I think that you both have some very valid points. G+ has quite a bit going for it but it lacks, IMHO, a few things that would help it open up much more. Perhaps the biggest one is an open API (think twitter style).
+Glen Gilmore stubborn refusal? How's so?

Last time I checked it was Twitter who backed out when their contract with Google when it needed to be renewed last June. Also Facebook has a partnership with Microsoft's Bing and hates Google with a passion. Rumor has it that Facebook is in attempting to buy Bing from Microsoft to compete with Google.
+James Hamilton I only pretend to know what I'm talking about when it comes to API, but I thought Twitter started putting some restrictions on that (which is why some of my old Twitter aps don't really work too well now).
+Kathi Browne I think that you may be correct however it is much better than what is available from Google+ now and still more open than what Facebook currently has. Certainly not empirical but at least from where I sit.
I guess if you do not have any people in your circles or do not follow anyone, 3 minutes would be about right.
+Tyler Steele +Kim Crawford +Kathi Browne Points all well taken. I think Google+ has great potential. It needs more than numbers -- it needs greater integration. Who's to blame? Not sure, but Google's gotta fix it. It has far more to gain than lose, which may be why Twitter isn't so keen to help make it happen...

Not about to write Google+'s epitaph. I suspect it'll get better. Have a great day all!
I've been exploring social media since about 2007. I use and like FB but don't like how VANILLA it has been: everyone's profile looked exactly the same --- boring! FB is now offering a timeline where people can again express their personality graphically. Will it be enough to keep younger members????

When I first joined G+ I felt lost. There were no "how to use G+" tutorials around at the time and I quickly lost interest. Then I saw a gallery of some of the G+ photographers. WOW! Then I found the G+ artist community! I was hooked.

I represent AAUW as the chair of their Social Media Committee so finding social media experts here also peaked my interest. Now I have a lot of very interesting people in many circles and I enjoy every minute I spend on G+.

My tip for anyone new to G+ is to check the "what's hot" feed and find those with similar interests to follow, then their feeds will lead you to more people to follow. Your early investment in finding those with similar interests will pay off big time as your circles grow.
I agree with the last point. If user don't spend very much time at Google+ information wouln't be neither accurate nor useful. The thing is why users spend so little time here comparing to other sites? I'd like to know.

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