I just responded to  a request for this and thought I would put it out once more. (I revise it on occasion. Originally I sourced it from BLS data presented at a SHRM meeting in DC 10 years ago and then added info from Engineers Joint Council. During the last decade the graduation rate for HS has improved!)

For every 100,000 students entering the 9th grade in Sept 2014:
- 70-80,000 will graduate from HS in June 2018
- 40,000 will enter College in Sept 2018
- 18,000 will graduate from college (5 years) by June 2023
- 800 of the 18,000  will have a Bachelors’ degree in Engineering
- 125 of the 800 will be Mechanical Engineers
- 15 of the 125 will be women
- 5 of the women will still be working as Mechanical engineers 3-5 years later in 2026-8

Q: If you have an opening for a Mech Eng w 3-5 years’ experience and value a gender diverse slate, when should you begin building a relationship with the highest quality prospects? How about the skill set that will drive your company's performance?)
A: Not sure but it’s definitely NOT after the req is approved. 

Q: What would you call a corporate HR strategy that invests in changing the conversion rate of any one of the stats above so that there are more qualified candidates for your ‘pivotal’ jobs in 2018? 2023? 2026? 
A: Worldclass
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