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Neil deGrasse Tyson tells it like it is.
Do I believe in UFOs or extraterrestrial visitors? Where shall I begin? There's a fascinating frailty of the human mind that psychologists know all about, called "argument from ignorance." This is how...
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Other than being green and glowing in the dark and my babies have heads that look like turtle shells, what else do I have to do? LOL!
If I stole an alien's ash tray I'd probably keep it for myself. I'm always looking for a good conversation piece at parties. 
From what I can recall of NDT's statements on the universe I can't imagine there is anything that he doesn't believe is out there.
I thought that article was going to be how to prove you have been abducted by aliens...
well, it is. it just means, for those who have been already, if you didn't bring any evidence with you, then sorry, cos that's what you'd need to prove it.

interesting read, though...
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