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A few minutes ago, while I was exploring the depths of a mine near my beautiful cabin by the lake, enraptured by the lava flow I saw a few chambers away, a Creeper snuck up behind me and blew me up.

I respawned, and in my efforts to recover my stuff, got knocked off a ledge and down into the black blackness of the cave by a spider. I died down there in the darkness, alone and longing for the spruce-planked safety of my bed.

When I respawned, I grabbed a sword and some torches, and went looking for my stuff a second time... but it was gone. Gone, all of it. I couldn't find it anywhere, and I died a third time when a slimer thing bounced into me and knocked me off a ledge again. This time, I died on impact, instead of wandering around in the darkness until a zombie killed me.

So I have my level-one health, my beautiful cabin by the lake, a mine that's deep and beautiful and filled with equal amounts of wonder and terror, and the strangest feeling of existential loss I've had in a video game since my dog got murdered in Fable.

I'm going to log off for a little while and get back into the real world, and when I go back to my awesome snowy little biome, I will carry only the exact tools I need whenever I leave the safety of my house for an extended time.

Live and learn, and remember that it's just a video game.

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Studiando Geografia dello sviluppo in questi mesi a lezione parliamo sempre del sistema mondo attuale e quello del futuro, ma fin ora ho sentito sempre e solo ipotesi e utopie. Eppure io pensavo proprio quello che dice questo tizio, sono sorpreso di scoprire che c'è un movimento dietro quest'idea xD
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Codename(Android) 3.6.5 Released
(Some devices are still in the process of building so be patience)

Codename Android 3.6.0 – 3.6.5 Changelog

* new Codename(Android) wallpapers -
(Codenamedroid, LordGarlicbeard, Paranoid Android)
* custom navbar icons - (Zaphod-Beeblebrox, modified to work with CNA)
* notification wallpaper  - (xoomdev, modified to work with CNA)
* statusbar transparency - (Paranoid Android)
* re-added navbar color
* added force tablet and dpi change
(dagr8 - Settings -> Interface -> Gerneral UI)
* added alternate signal layout
(Zaphod-Beeblebrox - Settings -> Interface -> Status bar)
* added IME switcher and Ring/Vibe toggle as navring target
(Boris Bershadskiy)
* added IME toggler as Navbar target (Boris Bershadskiy)
* increased themeability of the statusbar (Zaphod-Beeblebrox)
* added the advanced calulator features from cm
* add alow mock sms to developer settings (jruesga)
* new command line tools:
htop, lsof, powertop, nano, vim

korean translations (franco-c)
czech translation (Kynio89)

Link to forums:
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iPhone 5 has LTE. Samsung lawsuit in 3... 2... 1...(they promised, right?)?
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Who wants more fun?  We’ve added Anomaly: Warzone Earth, EDGE, Osmos, and World of Goo to Humble Bundle for Android #3!

If you’ve already purchased the bundle, the games are already on your download page!  If you haven’t bought Humble Bundle for Android #3 yet, set your price higher than the average to get these epic games in addition to BIT.TRIP BEAT, Fieldrunners, Uplink, SpaceChem, and Spirits!
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Falcon PRO - The Ultimate Twitter Experience on AndroidFalcon Pro brings th...
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Initial work on LWJGL's OSX rewrite now on forum. Folk with Cocoa skills please test, comment & assist with bug fixing. (please share ),4711.msg25596.html#msg25596
[RFE] OSX / Java 7
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Ma solo a me sembra che il logo di Apple Maps indichi chiaramente di gettarsi da un ponte?
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Science is engaged in an ongoing quest to find the smallest possible objects and the rules governing their behaviour.
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