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Hey G+,

Last animated GIF today i swear. Again an animation of the various layers i used to post process this shot. This was my most popular image on G+ to date with over 50 shares on the original post...Let me know if you want to see more of these in the comments below..Cheers Giu
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These are fascinating to me -- thanks for posting them. We're just starting to think about processing our photos, so it's great to see what you're starting with and where you take it.
Thanks +Alex Lapidus glad you enjoy them. It gives a good indication on how you can manipulate the light to draw the attention to the viewer..Cheers
Ki Rin
Interesting. But, I wonder, couldn't you do the same thing much more easily in lightroom without needing to do a bunch of layers in PS?
+Ki Rin yeah you probably could. I have always been a ACR / PS guy. Old habits die hard
Ki Rin
+Giuseppe Basile Nothing wrong with that :) I'm trying to learn more about PS now actually.
I have been working on a few Cinemagraphs +Billy Wilson when it occurred to me the same process could be applied to layers in an image..Thought it would be cool to do..
Fantastic, I love the 'behind the scenes' glimpse on the processing,
Thanks guys :-) Glad you enjoyed a behind the scenes look. Something i have not seen done before so i thought i would post it up..Cheers Giu
Like it ( or should say plus 1 on G+) for the wonderful changing colors in this creative piece:)
Neat-o. I'd love to see this type of work in varied natural settings. Great job!
Hi +Giuseppe Basile it's a great idea so people gain a better appreciation of the your vision and how it translates into the end result. Separate to that the colours and negative space highlight the cityscape wonderfully.
Thanks guys, i might do a few more of these..
great idea, and great to see. It really begins to pop in those last couple of layers. More of these please :)
Thanks Robert and Ben, more of these to come.
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