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Hey G+,

I have had this circle as a standalone one for the past few weeks before any mention of What's Hot. I get my daily dose of fresh, exciting and HOT content from viewing this circle daily.

Its a nice mix of tech people, celebs, photographers and just all round funny and exciting people

Data has been pulled straight from

Circle away & don't forget to share...Cheers Giu

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Wes Lum
+Giuseppe Basile great choices! Not sure I'm going to add them all, but thanks for sharing. And you're cool for not naming this circle "Best" or "Kickass"! I think it shows a lot of class on your part.
It's hard work of over 27 000 select 500 people, as you do it? The amazing part of this circle, you could connect the ice and fire )
Hey +Wes Lum these are not my choices. Top 500 by follower count only. They are there for one reason and that is because they share fresh and exciting content daily
Wes Lum
+Giuseppe Basile yeah, I was complimenting you on not declaring folks better than others. I think that's very nice of you.
I can't see the circle... is it because I am reading this on my phone? 
How I would like to be in that circle! Not qualified the very least though... Thanks for sharing by the way!
I'm on this list, not sure how but I am totally stoked, thank you +Giuseppe Basile I owe you a drink my friend :)

Shared too, wonder how big we can get this to ripple :D
Thanks for this list. Now I have to work hard to get on it. 
+1 even though I didn't qualify for the circle
Wes Lum
+Keith Barrett you should be there. I know this list is based on raw statistics, but even that can be wrong sometimes.
+Wes Lum Thanks for your kind words. You are correct that follower count is a poor stand-alone indicator whether someone is worth following (some people who never post have high counts because their fame is outside of G+, which makes them not worth following in G+), but I understand how this particular circle was constructed.
Looks like i opened a can of worms with this circle. Thanks to those that have shared and found it useful. Just to reinterate the people in this circle where not chosen by me, Google staff or anyone else it was chosen by the Google + community. 99% of the people there have worked hard from day one to get the following they have by posting interesting and exciting content daily. Basically it is the Google+ community suggested list.

The intention of the circle was to give the Google+ community a way to juice up their streams. Hopefully it makes your G+ experience more enjoyable...Cheers Giu
You know, there are some people who have a lot of followers but can't be found in Social Statistics. For instance +Teresa Stover definitely has enough followers but you can't find her there, although she definitely deserves to be in such a circle.
+Giuseppe Basile Thanks for the Circle. I can't believe I'm 438th on this list! 900 new followers today! OMGosh!
Wes Lum
Thanks +Giuseppe Basile for sharing this...I'm sorry if I had anything to do with all the worms...
+Billy Wilson & +Daniel Ibanez . I am not sure why your profiles where not on the database. I dont remember registering there at any point and assumed all the top profiles where being tracked.

+shirley lo it didnt take to long i used a chrome extension which automatically adds profiles to a circle from any page.

+Wes Lum One thing i have found in life is that you cant keep everyone happy, at the time i thought was an excellent idea to boost up your stream if it was lacking in content. Obviously some people took it the wrong way and saw it as self promotion. This was never my intention.
+Giuseppe Basile I think this whole thing is pretty neutral ... based on the follower number it is straight forward.

The only thing you could think of is excluding those folks who have a high follower number but don't post anything public or at least no usefull content ... besides that this is a pure number ranking and I don't think there is much to critique beside the fact that people who don't like these rankings generally are not to amazed by such lists. But for them they should then just go on and add interest/other attribute based cicles instead of this one ...
Even the users that appear on SocialStatistics I'm not sure how up to date though figures are. I noticed that I had overtook +Eric Schmidt according to SS but if you go his Eric's profile he as a lot more followers than me.
I think these "most follower" things should be taken a pure fun, nothing more. :-) A think the stats are inaccurate somewhat.
Thanks for sharing your circle! Many great choices for everyone to consider for themselves.
+Giuseppe Basile - no problem! DO you plan to amend the "500" accommodate changes? You might also want to look at - the data there is more complete. My profile, for example, has me ranked 389 @ social statistics, but I am 474 @ circlecount - b/c there are more profiles being tracked there. Just FYI. Your post is a good idea to help out new users! But it might be worthwhile to curate it just a little to accommodate changes and encourage supporting new faces. Fun stuff!
Thx for this circle.. at least i will keep 10% of them after follow a bit the stream.
lol - I still have this list in "pending" I need to sort through it and see who is and isn't of interest.
Mostly not. Lol. Theres about 20-30 standouts. They are in my much smaller recommended user list. View people in my circles on my profile - only that circle is visible. 
I guess what is "standout" will be different for each of us. For me it will be the photographers.
lots of these are pretty much trash, sadly.

Added this circle last time, and most i removed, the few I kept, I already had in circles.
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