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e739 is very close to e730 but not completly
someone reported about audio problem, but never got other info and without that i have no idea where the problem is (we do not have the e739), i need logcat during boot till lockscreen:

adb logcat > logcat_boot.txt
power on the phone and plug usb
i tried to pull the logcat but csnt seem to get it towork
yes enabled i turned phone off i typed the command in cmd hit enter and turned on phone and plugged in usb i got nothing
is saved on the dir where u run adb

u can use windows search to find it
u can use a path
adb logcat > c:\windows\tmp\logcat_boot.txt
try to plug headset and see what happen on audio
OK o heard that the 730 and 739 have different amplifiers
we know about it is different
i think to have left a patch from e739 kernel
let me rebuild it with the patch and right config
ok i got the kernal im flashing now ill let you know what happens
ok it doesnt boot just stays on the boot animation and doesnt go any further
trying to get a log but i dont know how usefull it will be sinc i cant get to lockscreen
weird, anyway u can take the logcat without reach the lockscreen
fixed the bootloop and added a newer audio lib for 739
download it from the previous url
it worked thanks man you made alot of people happy
It is safe, cp data, format SD card into ext3 and copy data back?
P.S. what about CM9 on HTC Desire progress?
i still got the camera axis bug in LG Optimus Sol Nighties 35.,, is there anyway to fix this? pm me
fatelo anche per l'optimus net per favore, ci sono tante persone che lo attendono
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