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Awesome camera feature coming to CM10.1 for Xperia 2012/2013 Xperia Device (T,V,Z,ZL,Tab Z LTE and Wifi)

 * HDR (only picture)
 * ISO modes
 * Scene modes
 * Sony's image/video stablization

more will come

thank's to 
+Chirayu Desai +Shane Francis +Jens Andersen 
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Wow what a pleasant surprise. I assume HDR means the hardware HDR? Thanks anyway
The exact same question as +Ang Zhen Yi came to mind as initial reaction :) 
The features sound like the team was able to unleash some of the sensor specific powers though...
+Tyler Brainerd no, different plattform (Qualcomm Krait only).

In fact, different maker :-) Tab S is not Sony Mobile (SonyEricsson) but Sony "themselves". The devices share nothing except the badge.
Wish I could install this on my Xperia TL (Att)
Yeah, I knew the tab s was put together by the vaio team, but I was hoping that Sony Mobile would put some effort into patching it up a bit. Oh well.
Now if Sony would only release a phone on par with my Galaxy Note II I could switch to all Sony products for all aspects of my life. If they only made cars too. 
So this is a CM and Sony baby...people donate so these awesome people can buy a few beers or whatnot.
Pardon me, +BishaL AcharyA +Tarin Mahmood and +Patrick Pegues , wrong information. It's got nothing to do with Qualcomm Krait. Never the less, all whining wont change a thing, as it is the hardware features of the Exmor RS sensor, a sensor your either "cheap" or "deprecated" devices dont have. No chance, wrong hardware.
I would never have considered a Sony phone before.  Stuff like this moves them into contention.
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