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Awesome camera feature coming to CM10.1 for Xperia 2012/2013 Xperia Device (T,V,Z,ZL,Tab Z LTE and Wifi)

 * HDR (only picture)
 * ISO modes
 * Scene modes
 * Sony's image/video stablization

more will come

thank's to 
+Chirayu Desai +Shane Francis +Jens Andersen 
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Wow what a pleasant surprise. I assume HDR means the hardware HDR? Thanks anyway
The exact same question as +Ang Zhen Yi came to mind as initial reaction :) 
The features sound like the team was able to unleash some of the sensor specific powers though...
+Tyler Brainerd no, different plattform (Qualcomm Krait only).

In fact, different maker :-) Tab S is not Sony Mobile (SonyEricsson) but Sony "themselves". The devices share nothing except the badge.
Wish I could install this on my Xperia TL (Att)
Yeah, I knew the tab s was put together by the vaio team, but I was hoping that Sony Mobile would put some effort into patching it up a bit. Oh well.
Now if Sony would only release a phone on par with my Galaxy Note II I could switch to all Sony products for all aspects of my life. If they only made cars too. 
Sigh, never could have know some random ass proprietary driver would shut down nightlies for my EVO 4g LTE... Super cool Sony is actively working with the CM team. 
So this is a CM and Sony baby...people donate so these awesome people can buy a few beers or whatnot.
Pardon me, +BishaL AcharyA +Tarin Mahmood and +Patrick Pegues , wrong information. It's got nothing to do with Qualcomm Krait. Never the less, all whining wont change a thing, as it is the hardware features of the Exmor RS sensor, a sensor your either "cheap" or "deprecated" devices dont have. No chance, wrong hardware.
I would never have considered a Sony phone before.  Stuff like this moves them into contention.
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