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Giuliano “Kiusugi” Gianfriglia
Fluido come l'acqua, impetuoso come lo Yangtzee
Fluido come l'acqua, impetuoso come lo Yangtzee

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Eccoci qui, al nuovo evento #MeepleAndPlay dell'Aps La Tavola Rotonda!

Il 26 Marzo 2017, presso il Meeple Frascati, due nuovi tavoli e due GM vi aspetteranno per giocare a due anteprime. Si, giocheremo in anteprima Journey To Ragnarok, Modulo Avventura per Dungeons & Dragons e la nuova uscita per Project H.O.P.E. rpg Italia di Limana Umanita edizioni.

Se volete partecipare scrivete direttamente all'organizzatrice, sulla nostra pagina o sulla pagina del Meeple Frascati.

#dungeonsanddragons #journeytoragnarock #limanaumanita #projecthope #meepleandplay #latavolarotonda

Buonasera a tutti, ho un grosso problema. Il mio P9 è in Bootloop. Mi spiego, ho effettuato il debrand (H3G) del mio P9 e fino a qui nessun problema. Ho prestato particolare attenzione all'aggiornamento da installare ma nel momento in cui l'ho fatto è accaduto che ora il mio P9 non vuole saperne di accerdersi. La batteria è scarica, continua a riavviarsi andando in quella che è la schermata di aggiornamento, provando ad accendere in fastboot (vol - e accensione) non avviene niente, non ci va. Poco prima che la batteria finisse ero riuscito ad accedere al fastboot, flashare la TWRP 3002 ma da lì non poter fare niente.

Consigli? Suggerimenti? C'è un modo di tenerlo spento dopo che lo si attacca a corrente?

Salve a tutti, sono un felice possessore di un LG G Watch Urban e di un P9 Standard. Appena comprato il P9 l'ho accoppiato con lo smartwatch e per un certo periodo tutto funzionava bene, poi all'improvviso piu nessuna notifica mentre richiamando Ok Google riesco a fare tutto. Pensando a qualche update fatto, ho resettato il P9 e ricollegato lo smartwatch. Per qualche tempo tutto ok ma ora, di nuovo, non ricevo più notifiche.

Sapete se c'è qualche settda fare???

Ragazzi una domanda, il P9 lite ha il led di notifica RGB?

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I have a bunch more to write about this game, but I'm going slowly thanks to migraine and such, and I can't wait to tell people about one of the best things about it. A more detailed reading and comments on strengths (which are multiple) and weaknesses (which are more prominent than they should be) will follow as soon as may be.

This is a sic-fantasy game. It's the 31st century, other-dimensional horrors stalk the world thanks to a bit of archeology gone really bad, and three massive AIs protect the world in their different ways. The PCs are heroes working for one or another of the three, protecting the remaining sanctuaries and sticking it to the bad guys.

This is the cool part. The game uses Fate Accelerated (my personal favorite version of Fate Core)...but the AIs have each given their agents/servants different mixes of abilities on top of the baseline approach of Human, for empathy, rapport, and the like. So you have one set of approaches if you're a clone outfitted with super tech, a different set if you're a psychic projection of a sleeping person, and a third if you're a cyborg with personality implants.

Each is clearly described in terms of its principles, and has bullet points for each of the four actions. F'r instance:

Connected to the global net, you receive information from Nirvana, whether they are information or scans of the area, every time you need. Nirvana's database has all of human knowledge.
* Overcome: If you need information, data, or satellite scans, Nirvana can do them in a few seconds.
* Create an advantage: proper information is the key to solve any problem. Nirvana can send you the Sector 65 map if you need it, or the Anti-contagious agent composition instructions that you require.
* Attack: the right information at the right time can be more valid than weapons.
* Defend: surprise them with something they do not know.

The Voice talks to you and always gives you advice, you have to believe her. Follow the path that she suggests and defend humanity from the Hekath menace.
* Overcome: the Voice guides you in your choices and gives you the right suggestions. The end justifies the means.
* Create an advantage: the Voice knows how to make the most out of a situation. That Door can withstand the attack even if sometimes gaining an advantage requires suffering. You will use that LostH as a human shield.
* Attack: use your faith to find the hidden enemy.
* Defend: your faith is firm and pure, the mantras protect you from the things that darken your mind.

You have the strength of ten men, what is impossible to many is normal to you.
* Overcome: you will damage something, but you will arrive at your goal.
* Create an advantage: you can Shred the door that blocks your way or Easily bend the bars that prevent your escape.
* Attack: throw a vehicle or use a beam as a weapon, whatever happens you will damage your target and those around you.
* Defend: remove that piece of the wall, if you need a shield. Easy!

This is one of those SPROING! moments for me. I can imagine it helping a lot with, say, doing Vampire in FAE, with clans providing some approaches and character interests providing some. Love it.

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Ieri +La Tavola Rotonda è andata su RadioRadio presentando ciò che sono i Giochi di Ruolo, ciò che facciamo e ciò che faremo!!!

Avanti così con gran forza!!!
Animated Photo

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E così una fantastica ambientazione per Fate esce in lingua inglese!!!!

Finally a new wonderful setting come out for FATE in English!!!!
Evolution Pulse is finally out in english!

Close your eyes and imagine hyper-technological and massive huge cities that expand all over the globe’s surface. Imagine a far away, remote future where technology has made great strides and in which humans are perfectly integrated.
In this world Artificial Intelligences and droids expressly created to support humans in all their activities, run all primary services. You can travel from one side of the Earth to the other in a few hours. You can easily remodel parts of your body if you don’t like them, and you can reprogram your mind to delete inconvenient traumatic memories as you wish.
A perfect, radiant future where humanity has reached a new evolution.
A little black box containing something alien and unknown.
Close your eyes, can you feel your heartbeat? Every single atom of the world you know is synchronized to the pulsation of your heart.
The box has been opened, reality has been remolded according to old inexplicable commands, can you synchronize the pulse? Everything now moves on and changes following the pulsation of your heart.
Open your eyes, the abandoned, destroyed huge cities are still there.
Humans live in fear and despair, hidden in the darkest ruins. Droids are only old scraps, Artificial Intelligences are only old baluards of the times that have been.
A dark, infinite, ravenous shadow is all over this.

Close your eyes, synchronize the heartbeat, the evolution pulse.

Evolution Pulse is a Fate Core/Fate Accelerated setting. In this book, you will find all that you need to play your adventures in this dark future full of unique characters, who are able to manipulate reality. You will find all indications and suggestions you need to bring into your game all the features of the world of Evolution Pulse: from Executors, characters related to Artificial Intelligences, to fearsome and lethal Hekaths, inter-dimensional monsters who have devoured and destroyed the world.

Get it here:
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Ecco la nostra prossima cronaca!!!
Volete sapere cosa si giocherà domani presso l'Hideout Pub Bistrot di Grottaferrata domani? Nameless Land di Eleven Aces. Un gruppo di disperati alla ricerca della salvezza lotterà con altri disperati per recuperare qualcosa. In cambio si è offerta la libertà e la possibilità di tenersi quel territorio che in molti non hanno il coraggio nemmeno di nominare.

‪#‎serataludica‬ ‪#‎namelessland‬ ‪#‎hideout‬

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Double Rush è fantastico. Provalo su Google Play Giochi. Vediamo se riesci a superare il mio punteggio.
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