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Ehm, thanks for this enlightening post, Mr. +Ben Parr , with which I agree 100%.

Indeed, soon my FB account will be converted to a shell purely for analytical and game design purposes.

However, one can detect a slightly schizophrenic clash in the tone of voice of this article, when compared with the elation and hype used here:

Please tell us, what do you really think about Facebook?

Signed by: A social media and gaming professional concerned about the dissolution of real life in a sea of empty updates
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actually this is some kind of kamikaze-action by facebook, because every netizen that until now has not been pulled into facebook definitely never will join there - and we got many followers that will eagerly come someplace else...
I think I agree, at least regarding adults. Teenagers will probably like the new profile, but still, they quite leery of FB because their parents are there. We'll see what happens...
My FB account has been an empty shell for some time - though it's not because of the privacy issues (as pointed out by an astute reader, it's still ultimately an opt-in), but because of the appalling signal to noise ratio. People publishing everything they ever do might satisfy the narcissistic urges in which modern social networking services implicitly insist we indulge, but it makes for the dullest reading and viewing imaginable. It's raw, uncurated content with neither form nor function. Yawn. Honestly, I don't care if someone I barely know, opined last Tuesday that kittens are the greatest thing ever, and I sure as hell don't want to hear from your Nike+ jogging computer either, passively OR actively posted.

Facebook's human crime is not the invasion of privacy - anyone who wants to can opt out - it's the demand that we abrogate choice by shouting at the world every triviality in which we engage, and in so doing, render impotent the very necessary editing of our public personae. Necessary, that is, for anyone who wishes their lives to contain depth beyond the immediate vapidity of instant gratification and the self-serving indulgence of me-publications that require no benchmark of quality to provide that lovely glow of personal glory.

I can only express total disgust at the new Timeline profile. I used to wonder if Facebook endlessly screwed with their own success merely for the sake of change, but no longer. In its revelation, Facebook have admitted the truth of their offering - they have no real interest in relevancy or choice, but are rather an operation whose only interest is in collecting every possible datum available on every human alive, in order to direct advertising at them. That the new Timeline continues to dilute ever further the salient details of a persona, is irrelevant to that 'service'. Parr's point, that Facebook has finally made passive publishing mainstream, is the deepest insight of his article. In what universe does passive publishing sound like a good idea? Thanks Facebook. I love you too.

Facebook's ultimate collapse from taste-maker to bastion of the too-lazy-to-find-something-better kitten cuddlers, will be brought about not by mass defections over privacy issues, but out of the slow trickling away of interest owing to an ennui that can be the only inevitable outcome of forcing the average person to have to wade through a sea of straw to find the very occasional needle. Others, like G+, and then future offerings, will take up the mantle, as always happens in the evolution of free markets. Facebook is sealing its own doom - to be a passing phase in an evolution, rather than the revolution its leaders have hoped it to be.

Maybe it's time for a new phase of the evolution - the rise of the self-EDITING society.

It's my duty (accompanied with not a little schadenfreude) to prognosticate the following: Facebook will eventually collapse into a black hole under the weight of its own, assiduously collected, crap.
+Daniel Witenberg I agree fully with your impassioned description of the fundamental flaw of Facebook. This is the best description I've read so far of why Facebook has spelled its own doom.
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