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Giuliano Bertello

I finally passed my VCIX-NV exam yesterday! Yay!

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Passed this morning! Finally (see )

Happy and relieved! VCDX route cleared!
But before that, VCIX-NV booked for end of Nov (but that's not the right group tho) ;-)

Thanks everyone who contributed and is still contributing with examples and ideas!

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+Jason Grierson on isn't the rule "VM-VM Affinity Rule 1"  supposed to be "VM-VM Anti-Affinity Rule 1" ?

I've seen a lot of people here trying to memorise and map Auto Deploy dependencies. Does Auto Deploy come out a lot in the 5.5 DCD exam?

Do we need to memorise configuration maximum for the exam ?

Hi guys, quick question: without breaking any disclosure, are you able to tell me if there are questions around IOPS and RAID calculations in the DCD 5.5 ?

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Guys Is this correct ?
"The design requires a disaster recovery and a internet connection between sites" <-- fair enough this is conceptual but what about the names after "these are two examples of:"

Just started my studies for DCD (after recently completing DCA) so I guess I'm going to use a lot this forum :-)
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