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Gitblit v1.0.0 released.

Highlights include:
* LDAP integration
* Expose JGit settings for configuration
* Web/Manager editable, per-repository custom properties for Groovy hook scripts
* Responsive layout in web ui to improve usability on tablets and phones
* Fixes to Lucene search including eliminating duplicate entries and fixes to blob encodings
* Added Spanish translation
* Added Polish translation
* Many small bug fixes
* Update to latest Twitter Bootstrap
* Update to JGit 2.0.0
* Other dependency maintenance updates
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LDAP integration won't work for me :-( I can connect, but everything i got
LDAPSearchException(resultCode=32 (no such object), numEntries=0, numReferences=0, errorMessage='0000208D: NameErr: DSID-031001A8, problem 2001 (NO_OBJECT), data 0, best match of:
If i try it with a PHP Script or the "ldapsearch" command line tool, everything works fine. but the jetty log don't tell me more than the error above.
Congratulations guys! Gitblit has been blazing fast and rock solid. BTW what is the best way to migrate a number of svn repos to git?
+James Moger I need a tool to do a one-shot migration not for using svna and git side by side. Subgit seems like an overkill.
This is great! I was afraid I would have to cobble together a git repo manager with cygwin for our Windows developers.
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