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Dabbler and dilettante at Google+. Prolific +1'er, eager commenter, irregular and random poster
Dabbler and dilettante at Google+. Prolific +1'er, eager commenter, irregular and random poster


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What's the difference?

Are you an INTJ? You probably "are most comfortable working alone and tend to be less sociable than other types. Nevertheless, INTJs are prepared to lead if no one else seems up to the task, or if they see a major weakness in the current leadership. They tend to be pragmatic, logical, and creative."


Are you an Aries? You're probably “the leaders of the pack, first in line to get things going. Whether or not everything gets done is another question altogether, for an Aries prefers to initiate rather than to complete.”

So what’s the difference, really?

TL;DR : Not much.
The long answer : Not much. :-)

Or, to be more precise, and a touch verbose – the comparison works better with, say, a Buzzfeed quiz.
As a brief background - The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. These preferences were extrapolated by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers from the typological theories proposed by Carl Gustav Jung. Jung theorized that there are four principal psychological functions by which we experience the world: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. One of these four functions is dominant most of the time – Wiki

MBTI is a particular darling of the corporate world. According to a recent Forbes article, “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments are extremely popular, as well as profitable for both the publisher and the many certified consultants who use them. In fact, they are so popular as to be nearly ubiquitous in corporations and large organizations, including 89 of Fortune 100 companies.” But how well does it work? Does it work at all? And is it used in a way that would be least detrimental?

I found myself in agreement with most of the points made in a  Skeptoid article – the genesis and intrinsic values of the MBTI and pop tools like zodiac signs or Buzzfeed quizzes  are not dissimilar. The article is quite interesting, and in my view, fairly balanced. As a training consultant, I’ve seen the value that tools like MBTI (and other psychometric assessments) can provide – they make great introspection and perception start-points; and often provide a framework to discuss group dynamics and to help evolve solutions. I have also seen the farcical side of using them – the lazy, unscientific short-cuts they provide for the indolent or incompetent, and the rather sad way in which they replace critical and original thinking.

The tool has its fair share of critics – unbiased and otherwise. As an agnostic about the value and context of anecdotal or experiential systems, I can see its worth;  but I find myself getting annoyed at the somewhat cultish adherence to its “findings”, or applications, or indeed the lack of healthy skepticism amongst practitioners and more importantly, buyers.

I also find amusing the way proponents of these tools react when you point out the (many) similarities to the zodiac-sign classifications; or Cosmo quizzes. Or point to the Forer Effect ( also called the Barnum effect after P. T. Barnum's observation that ‘we've got something for everyone’ is the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people – Wiki) Is it only because they come dressed in a patina of “science”? Or are they just a fad, waiting to be replaced by the next one? Or, as is always the case…… follow the money? According to a Forbes article – “2 million people a year (are) using an assessment tool that generates approximately $20 million in fees for its publishers”. Food for thought, for sure, I would've said.

The CPP website, btw, (the company that is the provider / publisher of the MBTI instrument) has this to say : It’s very common—especially on the Internet—to hear the MBTI® assessment referred to as the Myers-Briggs® personality test, the MBTI test, or simply the “personality test.” However, here at CPP, Inc., we never refer to the MBTI assessment that way. Personality tests may exist, but the MBTI assessment is not one of them. Here’s why…

So far, so logical. And then they go on to add –
By definition, a test is “a series of questions, problems, or physical responses designed to determine knowledge, intelligence, or ability,” implying that there are “right” and “wrong” answers. It’s true that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment contains a series of questions, but that’s where the similarities to a personality test end. Unlike personality tests, the MBTI assessment doesn’t determine knowledge, intelligence, or ability. Instead, it measures four pairs of opposing preferences, which are inborn and value-neutral, to form a person’s four-letter type. No type is better or worse than any other—they are just different.

That explains quite a bit ;-)
I think this would be a good time to add that I am emphatically not certified in MBTI assessments. 

So, hello, Ms. Gemini, Mr. ISTJ, Ms. Flower-Child.....

In case you’re interested – there are plenty of good, skeptical articles. Here are some that I liked :

The skeptoid article -

The CPP website -

Image modified from Wikipedia
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+Lacerant Plainer I'm so happy to see you finally have the verified badge!
I'm happy that I can now completely trust that you are, in verity, the alien I thought you were ^_^
#googleverified #googleapproved #mustbetrue  
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Hellooo old friends!!

I've been away from the Googs so long...... because work and stuff. And the new Google just does not do it for me. If I wanted a book of face  clone, I'd be at the book of face; which at least does the basics well (unlike the new Googs, ahem). Too many of the good old Plussers are gone, either moved on to other platforms, or just disengaged. It's starting to look more and more like the ghost town they said it was....

In case you missed me, I bet you missed my wonderful rants too! ^_^ So here's one I wrote today, over at the other place - I'll be honest, it's no fun ranting anywhere else like it is here xD
/start rant
Either my google-fu has deserted me (gasp! Quelle horreur!!) OR... it's becoming harder and harder to find neutral, ideology-free science discussions. Whether it's on genetically modified organisms, gender neurobiology or even flu vaccinations. They're either "anti", which means zero credibility, or they're "pro" which means non-critical (sometimes even by skeptics).
I like my science informed by science, not ideology, ok?! Which means, if I want to read about the efficacy or otherwise of flu vaccines I shouldn't need to wade through reams of scary anti-vax nonsense, and if I want to understand gender differences in the human brain I shouldn't have to attempt to read between the lines of someone tippy-toeing through a mine-field of "correct" language.
Maybe I should develop an interest in geology - that should be ideology-free, right? Right?
/end rant
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There's just so much utter nonsense in my newsfeeds these days, I need a serious dose of brain bleach. Like science :-D
So here it is..... some crowdScience!
This particular project is also extremely therapeutic, but +The Zooniverse has plenty of others..... my personal favorite is Project Serengeti.
Go ahead, do some real good :-)

Season Spotter is promoting its first ever Spring Challenge! We need your help to classify approximately 9,000 pairs of images of spring before the start of April.

With these classifications, project researchers will be able to pinpoint the exact start and end dates of spring at multiple locations, and use this information to study how variation in climate is affecting those dates now and into the future. One classification takes just a few seconds and no training is required. So, VIEW! CLICK! Enjoy Spring!
Season Spotter
Season Spotter
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The start of the holiday was just so lovely....... lovely food, lovely champagne, lovely single malts.....
And a fabulous view airside at the CDG lounge. They had great coffee too!!
Oh, and the gorgeous view of Seattle as we landed....... the one day it didn't rain ^_^
Would these qualify as food pics, +Terry McNeil , +Gary Ray R ? :-D
8 Photos - View album
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What do you do when it's cold and rainy outside? Why, you settle in and play some games :-D

Exploding Kittens was way too much fun! The beers had nothing to do with it!  And King of Tokyo was fun too! I won all but the last game of Kittens, and that because I was sabotaged by my partner.

Seattle, we're loving it here :-D
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Stuck in traffic...... and there it was - a gorgeous moment (or two)

Sunset at Marine Drive, Bombay
Picture courtesy : Me, for a change!
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+Charles Strebor I branch your work!
Your wonderful worlds of Rantz, and Streborian Ponderings, Orbs and cablez, Terrance and That Rock, and That Branch. And teh rainz.
And 23.
And Gas Giants. And Fractals and glitches.
And and and.....
My favorite time-check : Antejentacular Ponderings.
May your days be....

Always branch.


The Back Story
#loveyourwork is +Paul Pavlinovich​ 's organic introduction to quality photographers project. Many people are now starting to do the same so search the hashtag for examples. You can read more about the project on his blog:
Originally shared by ****
Holding the Alien

For Lacerant and Gita.

#DeepDream   #ShallowMind  #Orbaliciousness #Orbs #Orb #Sunset   #NightcliffBeach   #Beach   #Derek  
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"Tis time for some pretties....*

Take a look at +Mat Brown's shiny Shinium on Etsy ..... but only if one-of-a-kind, or quirky, or just plain awesome design is your thing :-)
SALE! Clearing out my workshop - lots and lots of one-off pieces that will never be remade. Odd designs that turned out to be too complicated to make regularly, a few custom orders that were never collected, that sort of thing. Grab a bargain for yourself, or make a start on buying christmas gifts!

Free UK shipping, as always, and international is as cheap as I can make it.
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#LoveYourWork : Mary C
Love your work, +Mary C.!! Always delightful, and funny. And just darn good.
Mary's one of my favorite artists here on the Plus, and given the number and quality of artists around, that's saying something. Check out her latest #Inktober series, or any of her old work.
The Back Story, via +Charles Strebor  -->>> 
_Post from +Paul Pavlinovich where he loves my work and discusses the hashtag
#inktober  : Day 27

+Lacerant Plainer and +Gita Jaisinghani can't seem to make up their minds as to whether +Jake Kern or +Yoon-Mi Kim make "Best Comic Book Guy" from the #Simpsons . ---

So here's a NEW silly poll to help put some peer pressure on LP and Gita as to how they should cast their vote!

#vikingsnarkarts   #pentel   #thisisallsosillyandridiculouslyinvolvedandyetsomuchfungigglesnort    
votes visible to Public
Poll option image
LP and Gita should vote Jake K.
They should play it safe and not vote
LP and Gita are Best Comic Book Guy
Draw a Bunny and a pancake together
LP and Gita should vote YMK
LP and Gita should vote Jake K.
They should play it safe and not vote
LP and Gita are Best Comic Book Guy
Draw a Bunny and a pancake together
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