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Do people really play ingress with sound anymore?
My reaction when I hear other players playing with sound is "noob" and silently laugh at them. 
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Of course, sounds makes it better
Only Effect
Only Speech
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+Joe Hu I like listening to music while I play, too.  I don't think you miss too much without the sounds, but I can understand what players like about it.  Still, as our sense of vision is the most highly developed of the human senses, I don't think you play worse without the sound.
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Gisle Enåsen (breal)

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Holy crab sticks, now that is dedication!
After swimming at #Fedje #norway  to the portal Hellisøy in january I had told myself to not be the first one to swim again if someone from the ENL took it down. The first time I was there it was dark, and a bit colder. Kind of scary to not see "anything". 

This time when I was asked I thought the timing was good, because this time it would be at daytime. All though it turned out to be not as easy this time either, but FUN! 

When we were on the other side(about 100 meters from the portal at the island on the other side) it was windy and much more waves and current. I told my team mates that I would give it a try, but that I was not sure if I could make it over to the other side. The way back should be "easy" but a bit dangerous becaus of drifting to far in the wrong direction towards the open sea outside. 

I gave it a try. When I was about half way my suit was leaking water. The cold water was floating down my back and into my suit. So I had to pick up the pace to be safe at the other side. I didnt want my suit to be heavy and all full of water.

A few minutes later I was safe at the other side. I walked towards the portal, took i down, shot som photos and hacked some keys. Because of my suit leaking water I also contacted the team who were waiting at the other side. I also got some of the water out of the suit, so I was ready for return. 

About 10 minutes later I was on the other side and crowling up at the "wrong" destination. A bit rocky area but I managed to climb ashore. 

Later we took down some portals owned by +Nadia Amro and went on a little hike to a portal off road(Hjeltevarden) wich was owned by +Hanne Mørch (sorry Hanne). 

Late but not least, we had a nice dine at Pernille Cafe. I had a nice local beer and fish soup. Great day. #ingress  

My team: +David Watts +SKRALD SKRALD +Mew Hime 

Thanks also to all the guys +OCD for inspiring me to do this again when they sent me big thanks the last time I was out having a bath ;) 

Thanks to +Bjørn Eikeland in ENL for alluring me out there.  He uses a kayak. 

And thanks to +Henning Aase for the swim gear. He did this first of us! 

#ingressactualgameplayfootage   #ingressrealgameplayfootage  
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Bjarte ftw
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Gisle Enåsen (breal)

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It' time to spoof

#spoofgress  +NIA Ops 
It' time to spoof move

If you have planned some trip to Europe, I propose you to visit the following places.

- Disneyland Spoofland Paris. The biggest bot farm in west europe. More than 170 EP8 created by bots.
- Creta, one of the Cradle of Western civilization:
- Sardinia, rent a boat and place you in the middle of the Mediterranean sea to capture an inexisting portal.

+NIA Ops thanks for your help against the spoofer fight
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See Inside the Himalayan Villages That Grow Cannabis
The plant is native but illegal in India, and mountain farmers rely on its cultivation.
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Guess it's time for a new keyboard.. #nomicrosoft
In what may be bad news for Android users who are fans of one of the world’s most popular virtual keyboards, Microsoft is acquiring SwiftKey to the tune of $250 million. It seems that Microsoft wants to use the keyboard, which has been installed on over 300 million devices, as well as SwiftKey’s artificial intelligence research to bolster their slipping foothold in both the mobile market and the burgeoning AI field. While many people think of ...
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Missing something to watch on TV?
Please, take a look at Rick And Morty
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Yesss! ::fistbumps:: This show is /belch\ amazing, if you get my squanch? ;p

Can't wait for S3. T_T
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STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION DRINKING GAME RULES (To be played while watching the show.) Have one sip of beer per successfully met condition
Anybody: 'Open hailing frequencies'
'Medical emergency'
'Belay that order'
'Hell','Damn' and other swearing. See Rikers special swearing rules.

Picard: 'Make it so'
'Come' - two if said in personal quarters
'Captain's log' - two if supplemental
'Number One'

'Grrrrr' ( A simple sneer qualifies)

Data: 'Fascinating'

Riker swears - two drinks; three if it's 'hell';
whole beer if he asks 'what the hell is going on'
Riker walks forward as if he's trying to knock an imaginary door down with his forehead.
A female character has flawless makeup after she's been through the ringer.
Picard straightens his uniform
Data's innards are revealed
Data uses his strength
Data is cut off mid sentence - two drinks if it's a list of synonyms.
Data gripes about his inability to perceive human emotion
Geordie's visor is taken or knocked off
Georgie gets bitched out for faulty engine, warp drive, etc.
Beverly can't figure out some bizarre medical problem
Deanna senses something really shocking
Deanna gives us Betazoid insight into something really obvious
O'Brien has a line (this gets brutal after the third season - weak drinkers may pass)
A crew member drinks - two if it's Picard; three if it's Picard drinking tea; four if the tea is identified as Earl Grey.
A bridge officer is shown in casual clothes (one drink per scene, per officer) = two drinks if it's Beverly in a sweater; two drinks if it's Picard in his chest revealing bedwear.
A bridge officer appears in dress uniform (one drink per scene, per officer)
Every time somebody is addressed by his or her first name - two if there's some kind of sexual tension going on.
Every time they use transporter room three.
A shuttle craft seems like an unsafe place to be. Somebody reads a book.
Somebody preaches the Prime Directive - two if it's NOT Picard
Somebody preaches about Humanity's Unique Potential
Picard has an accident or is attacked - two drink; three if it draws blood Picard is possessed - four drinks
An 'old earth saying' is brought up - two if Data has to have it explained to him.
Patrick Stewart tries to speak French
Wesley talks back to his Mom.
Somebody implies that Ten Forward is a Happening Place
They fade for an advertisement playing the 'ominous horns' Klingon is spoken - two drinks per scene in which Klingons are alone and have no obvious reason to speak English but do anyway.
Each scene in which a nifty new Romulan ship is shown
There's a token alien in the background with no lines - two if it's a Vulcan.
Yellow Alert - one drink Red Alert - two drinks Intruder Alert - three drinks Another Captain or Star Fleet Command officer is on screen.
There's a countdown Every time a bridge command is handed over
The Enterprise crew avoids a confrontation instead of blasting away.
Each scene in which the Enterprise actually fights (shots must be fired) - two drinks.
Whole beer whenever the saucer section separates.
They contact somebody on the communicator/intercom without going to a panel or touching anything.
A communicator isn't working or is blocked - two if it's out of range.
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Shared publicly  - is funny because it is true. 
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Yeah and microwave is so retro and in five more years it's nostalgic. 
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I - zombies 
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Gisle Enåsen (breal)

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Oh Pluto, you never stop surprising us
The dwarf planet is icier than we thought.
Pluto's surface harbors a surprising amount of water ice, a new map of the dwarf planet reveals.
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