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Poor Donald. He really needs to get out more. Didn't anyone ever tell the man that life isn't fair?

That some people are born TFBs, while some are born into generations of poverty?

That some people can borrow money from their fathers to start their businesses, while others have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet?

That some people's parents can afford to send them to the best private schools, while others have to drop out of school to help their aging or ill parents?

That some people who use bankruptcy loopholes are considered good businesspeople, while others are called 'losers' by those same people?

That some people are born into Democracies, while others have the misfortune of having to abandon their homes to escape political and religious oppression?

That some people are more intelligent than he is?
That one such person bested him in the debate last night?
That Dad wouldn't be standing in the wings cueing his answers?

No, Donald. Life isn't fair.

That's what so many people have been trying to tell you. But you haven't been listening because you think that your wealth and power entitle you to be dealt with in some especially coddled and privileged way.

And that belief is why you are going to lose this election. Because most voters know that life isn't fair, and they are not going to vote for someone who whines whenever something doesn't go their way.
Mr. Trump lashed out at the debate moderator, complained about his microphone and threatened to make Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity a campaign issue in a TV appearance Tuesday.
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Mary T
Still taking it in... Hillary was fabulous.

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Giselle Minoli

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Y'ain't ever had a burger 'til you've had a Sugar Burger. 'Cept you gotta get yourself to Embudo, New Mexico (some say Dixon, some say Velarde) beside the Rio Grande River between Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico to get your hands (er...your mouth) on one of them. Hard to eat any other kind of burger after you've tasted a Sugar Burger.

I've figured out why they are so good. It's the order of the ingredients, which goes like this:

Lightly toasted and buttered potato bun

Middle (in this order):
American cheese
Beef Patty
Thinly slice very ripe tomatoes
A blush of chopped New Mexican green chiles
Four (or more, or, OK, less) sweet/sour pickles
Sweet onions sliced together with Iceberg Lettuce

Lightly toasted buttered and Mayo'd (very important) potato bun

No other order will do. Not ever. Don't even think about it. 'Cause you have to get the 'stuff' as close to your tastebuds as possible the first bite, and that means putting the 'stuff' beneath the patty, not on top of the patty. Underneath. The. Patty. Not. On. Top. Got That? Good. Glad we cleared that up.

Then you wrap the whole thing up in a square piece of parchment and put a toothpick in it to keep it warm while you find a spot on a picnic table outside. Then you take a picture of it and send it to everyone you know who loves and craves Sugar Burgers and you make them jealous. Because you are there and they are not.

Then you watch the cars and trucks and SUVs pull up from Texas, Montana, California, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma...wherever...because folks all over the US know about Sugar's. And if you don't you ain't got no swag. Ain't hip. Don't know what's important in life. Can't fight your way out of a paper square piece of parchment sandwich wrapper.

You get my meaning.

Don't tell Sugar (a dog), that I've figured out the secret. Just take the above ingredients and Do-It-Yourself at home. And don't cheat. Don't put other stuff on your Sugar Burger. Like don't put Catch Up on your Sugar Burger. And don't put Must Tard on your Sugar Burger. Or for Pete's Sake Chile Sauce or Thousand Island Dressing (go swimming instead) or A-1, or 2 or 3 or 4 sauce. And absolutely NO Heinz Steak sauce or some other such treason, blasphemy, chicanery or wretched thingy you think you need on your burger. Cause you don't need nothin' else 'cept Mayo.

Just do what I do: Go directly to Sugar's after landing in New Mexico and Thank the Universe that it's open Thursday - Sunday. And if you can't get to New Mexico, make a Sugar Burger yourself and share the recipe with people you love. get to New Mexico...walk across State Road 68 to the River's Edge and ponder its beauty and think back a few hundred years to what it must have been like before the Wild West was Won...

...and to what it must be like to have a life so simple and pure that all one needs do is erect a shack and call it Sugar's.

Build it...and people will come.

And they do...from far and wide.

Have a good week everyone.

#SugarBurger   #Embudo   #Dixon  
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Giselle Minoli

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Elder Bush Plans to Vote for Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend reports...

....and it is very much because of this sort of political switcheroo that Hillary Clinton will win the election. There are too many dyed-in-the-wool Republicans to count who are too stubborn and embarrassed to admit they aren't going to vote for Trump.

There are too many Republicans to count who intend to vote for Hillary but won't admit it publicly for fear of being called traitors by their tribe.

There are too many GOPers to count who know how dangerous a Trump Presidency would be who still pretend they are going to sit out the election rather than voting for a Democrat against their own party...rather than voting for a woman...rather than voting for Hillary Clinton.

There are too many Republicans to count who want to pretend that this country could survive Trump Trashing our country.

But the list of high profile Republicans who get it, and who are willing to publicly support Hillary against Trump is now too long to even list here.

But when someone as prominent as former President Bush SENIOR says he is voting for's going to sing like a lovely songbird across the land and others, perhaps less confident than he, perhaps far less high profile, perhaps less insightful...if they are still stubbornly holding onto some hope, some internal belief that Trump isn't all that bad...well they are going to start trusting the experience, the wisdom, the insights of powerful Republicans like Papa Bush who ARE voting for Hillary...and come November the hold outs too will put their personal politics aside and vote for Hillary Clinton.

At this point I don't care whether it's a vote For Hillary or Against Trump. Makes no difference whatsoever. What matters is that Republicans want someone in the White House they can work with...

#POTUS2016 #BushSenior #HillaryClinton
Robert F. Kennedy’s eldest daughter, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, said the 41st president plans to vote Democratic in the presidential election.
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+Marilyn Perry interesting and not at all surprising, which is why those of us who have been anti-trump from the get-go could have written a version of this article ourselves. I laughed out loud at being called a thpical right winger. I have been called a bleeding heart liberal, a feminist, feminazi, a manhater, a Marxist, a Socialist, a Democrat, an antipatriot...literally you name it but never a typical right winger. I am honored to be among those who protest Trump. Progressives are stalled at zero, democrats have moved to the right....because the elephants have moved off enchart into full out Fascism. Of course to them we appear merely right wing. I care not.

I think history willmshow that Bernie Sanders has done a tremendous amount of damage. Not to Hillary, but to comversation between young and older Americans. And I am sorry he is not a Progressive. Henry Wallace was a progressive... Most Bernie supporters however don't even knownwhomhe was...and thatnis a large part of the problem. 
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Giselle Minoli

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Ladies, I think we women have something to learn from the Matriarchal Bonobo Ape culture. You know how there's a football playbook? Well, we ought to take a few cues from female bonobos, which, along with chimpanzee, are our most closely related primate kin.

The difference is that while Chimpanzees live within a Patriarchy, Bonobo Apes live within a female-dominated culture, which is um....much more, how shall I say it? Uninhibited. Yes, uninhibited.

There's this:

“Being hated by females is a big matter for male bonobos.” - Nahoko Tokuyama, of the Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University in Japan

And this:

_"It’s a matriarchy. Females are running the show. That female bonobos have found a path to “solidarity and sisterhood," should give hope to the human feminist movement.” - Amy Parish, a primatologist at the University of Southern California

And, finally...this:

"Female bonobos can reject suitors without fearing for their lives. Infanticide is common among chimpanzees, but unheard-of among bonobos."

The Donald, and men like him....wouldn't stand a chance. Their private parts would be dispenses with matter of factly and without hesitation.

There is that...
In the African forest, the critically endangered species demonstrates a gender split. The matriarchal group rules their social networks and punishes male aggressors.
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Why do I think these female Bonobos have it better than many human females? It takes a Village indeed, eh?
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Giselle Minoli

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“I would like to be buried in Arlington Cemetery,” she wrote, adding later, “Even if there are no ashes left, I would like an empty urn placed at Arlington.” - Elaine D. Harmon, World War II WASP

The remains of Elaine D. Harmon, who died in 2015, were laid to rest, representing a triumph for the WASPs, an often forgotten part of the war effort.
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+Susan Jahn should see this.
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Giselle Minoli

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Join me in supporting the Paralympics

This story has everything. It's about two women who fell in love
and adopted two girls, one from Russia and one from Albania,
aach of whom had different physical challenges. I'm not going to use the word 'disabled,' because these young women define what it means to be 'able.'

Their mothers, Debbie McFadden and Bridget O’Shaughnessey, raised them to believe they could do anything they put their minds, hearts, souls and bodies to doing.

And so they became athletes. World class para athletes, to be exact, just to put a fine point on it.

And their mother Debbie? Well, she became President Bush, Sr.'s United States Commissioner of Disabilities in 1989. Because she was a pain in his ass fighting for her daughters to be given the opportunities that 'able-bodied' athletes have.

But here's the thing...far far far fewer people watch the Paralympics than the regular 'Olympics,' for reasons it's hard to fathom.

And here's the other thing...

The United States Olympic Committee awards $25,000 to every American who wins an Olympic gold versus $5,000 for every Paralympic gold; $15,000 for Olympic silver versus $3,500 for Paralympic silver; and $10,000 for Olympic bronze versus $2,500 for Paralympic bronze.


Join me in watch the upcoming Paralympics won't you? These men and women are awesome and deserve our support.

NBC has stepped up to the plate in the United States, but in the below link you can discover which medium will telecast the Paralympics in your country:

#ParalympicsRio2016 #TatyanaMcFadden #HannahMcFadden

Tatyana McFadden, who with her mother has fought for students with disabilities to participate in sports, could leave the Rio Paralympics with seven gold medals.
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I only care about the Paralympics these days. I had no idea they received far less than their Olympic counterparts though. The IOC is a crooked organization that needs to be dissolved for a dozen reasons. 
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Giselle Minoli

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I asked my husband to invent a new cocktail - which I've named named The Debater - to accompany the New Mexican Green Chile Posole I've prepared to keep our souls warm throughout the agonizing slog the first 90-minute debate promises to be.

No one wonders what the content will be. Only the tone, the pitch, the swagger, the amount of gesticulating - on a scale of 1-100 - remains to be measured, weighed, put on the scales, left to divide up into blue and red pie charts, stats, percentages, thumbs up and thumbs down.

For my part, I fully expect to see every male/female tussle ever invented, ever tested, ever described played out in public, just in case any man or woman left on Planet Earth might be unfamiliar with them.

We will watch Trump repeat versions of things he's said publicly before. He'll call Clinton names, criticize the way she looks, question her health, her stamina, her mental faculties. He'll humiliate, belittle, ridicule, criticize, insult, demean, denigrate, smear, defame, libel, slur, slander, besmirch, badmouth and disparage her - J'ACCUSE!!!! - because he knows that a woman cannot fight back 'in-kind' in our culture, most especially in public, and he's hoping she'll crack under the onslaught of vitriol thrown her way.

He'll utilize that tantalizing and deceptively delicious ole' chestnut, 'If you little ladies want to be in the military, on the police force, or at the top-o-the-heap with the big boys, well, you're just gonna have to be able to eat a lot of C*&P'. Publicly. Public C*&P. Especially public C*&P.

He's betting on the tried and true Hester Prynne, Salem Witch Hunt stuff, but it won't work, ultimately, and it won't matter, ultimately, no matter how much jeering goes on in the Hall, no matter how entertaining it may appear to be, no matter how many Ews, Whoops, Yikes, Did He Really Say That? and Holy Cows, are uttered, or how much laughter or boos are evoked, no matter how much raucous applause there is any time an arrow hits its mark, skin is sliced, wounds are opened, solar plexus ooofffs are coughed up, blood is drawn, or beads of sweat appear on powdered foreheads.

It won't matter, ultimately, because Hillary won't cave...because she's fully versed on the issues and Trump isn't. Never was and never will be.

And that's all that will matter, ultimately, at the end of the day, tonight or on November 8th.

Despite my confidence, I still intend to serve up a lovely Caesar Salad with cornbread croutons and a hearty, spicy New Mexican Green Chile Posole to accompany the evening...

...and I'll be eager to taste my husband's recipe for a cocktail named The Debator.

"Make is spicy, not sweet," I told him. "There's no place for sweet in this debate."

Not if you're a female candidate for POTUS.

P.S. And now John Oliver, just for fun of course:
Trump’s approach was an important part of his strength in the primaries. But will it work when he faces Clinton onstage?
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My favorite moment was Hillary, "Wooo, OK!" after listening to a Classic Trump Rant. It was priceless and perfect. Do not worry. He will not be elected. Every day more and more staunch Republicans are coming out against him...and these people and organizations have constituencies and will follow their lead. Since yesterday former Senator Warner of Virginia...and The Republic of Arizona, which hasn't backed a Democratic Candidate for POTUS in 126 years...they have both spoken out in favor of Hillary Clinton. The beauty of this is that so many people literally don't know what they feel, can't do their own research and are frankly afraid to speak out against their own party - the Republican Party. And so they need higher ups to do that for them. I'll take it.

Add to that the reality that so many women who are Hillary Clinton supporters have been silenced in one way or another...publicly...but they can't be silenced on November 8th. Not to worry.
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Giselle Minoli

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Congressman Tells BBC: Charlotte Protesters ‘Hate White People’

I'm slack-jawed...but not really. We've come to expect these kinds of comments. It's easier to believe this than look at the underbelly of the beast...
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And here we go listening to a Trump supporter telling an Asian woman who barely speaks English that these shootings are all Obama's fault. Right. It's his fault. 
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Giselle Minoli

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Taos, New Mexico...for +Denis Labelle.

Denis, this is Jalez. I went for a walk yesterday morning and met him at the fork of two dirt roads and asked if I could take his picture. He was born and raised in Taos and has spent his entire life here, with the exception of the time he spent serving his country in the Viet Nam war.

He comes up to the foothills of the Taos Mountains twice a day. And sits. And breaths. And reminds himself how fortunate he is to live in such beauty, to be so blessed.

He pulled out of his pocket what looked like a watch fob and asked me what I thought it was.

A pocket watch! No.
A locket! No.
A compass! Ah, Yes.

Then he put it in my hand. Silver. With the initials. 'U.S.' engraved on one side. He opened it for me and the hand that wobbled North was enameled a beautiful dark blue.

He carries it remind himself...that he is lucky.

Like I carry the New Mexico landscape in my heart wherever I am.

Hawks soaring.
Desert ants building their 3 feet high homes of little sand crystals.
Paths where only horses are allowed.
A fancy and colorful way to announce your address.

In the cafes and restaurants you rarely see anyone on their cell phones. With vistas like this, why would you be? People meet for java early in the morning at Elevation Coffee. For drinks at the local bars in the evening...and everywhere people looking up, not down. People here prefer to talk, person-to-person.

Northern New Mexico. Country so beautiful it makes you never want to leave.

I never do...and cry every single time I have to.

Cheers everyone.

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Say hello to my friend Walt for me. He answers to Heisenberg as well.

Just kidding. Great post as always!
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Seriously I think everyone's gone Mad. Stark Raving Mad. I personally don't care whether Hillary Clinton announces her every illness, stomach ache, stubbed toe or broken fingernail. I don't think the fact that she has pneumonia means a damn thing...other than the fact that the woman works her bum off and has, well, pneumonia.

And as for not running it up the Media Flag Pole so that Those Who Need to be Fed Constant Crap About Hillary Clinton are satiated for the day? Mrs. Clinton is doing what millions upon millions of women all over the world are doing every single day:

Getting out of bed - with headaches, sinus infections, chest colds, allergies and what not - and going to work. They are getting up... whether they feel good or bad, great or rotten, whether they are 10 pounds over weight or ten pounds under weight, whether they want to or not, whether anyone brings them tea in bed or not...and they are packing their own and their children's lunches, making the beds, sweeping the kitchen floor, feeding the dogs and cats, doing a load of laundry between brushing their teeth and getting in the shower, cleaning the toilets, hugging their crying child, comforting their ill friends, doing the grocery shopping, covering for a colleague at work, staying late, picking up dinner, climbing the ladder, falling down again, picking themselves up, dusting off their aprons, their suit jackets, their sweat shirts...and living their lives.

Any woman knows that if you are a woman, you usually can't stop working. Not for a minute. Or someone else will take your job.

Not for a minute. Or someone will accuse you of not caring.

Not for a minute. Or someone will shine a spotlight on what that minute might mean.

And you certainly can't tell anyone you have a headache, or your sinuses hurt, or you actually have to go to the doctor...because that will mean... can't cut the mustard, can't haul the potatoes, can't hack it.

So Hillary Clinton didn't tell anyone she has pneumonia, because she's busy running for President because she cares about this country.

Good grief. One more thing flung in this woman's face.

One more pathetic accusation.

One more tidbit of information that faux journalists can grab onto and hang on the Front Page like a banner that says, "Look at Me...I got myself a Hillary Clinton scoop!"

I watched the stumble. I didn't wince.

And I'm still voting for her.

And I hope someone brings her tea in bed.

And draws her a bath.

And says You Go Girl.

And that she isn't reading this idiotic article.
A fleeting moment that, like so much of her campaign, is impossible to separate from history.
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+Donna Buckles the same thing happens with racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, misogyny....why I love working for women, why some of my best friends are Jewish...or Black...I can't possibly be sexist because I'm a woman, right? That argument. That argument is exactly why we are in this mess...why when Nicholas Kristoff writes in the Times that the Hillary narrative is a lie it flies but when a woman pens it she's a FemiNazi. Why Sheryl Sandberg has to co-write her serious articles on women in the workplace with Adam give them gravitas and circle the wagons around her so she won't get attacked. Why Richard Branson can be a Feminist and it's hip and chic and oh so courante....but when I do it the hyenas come out their eyes glaring.

What would represent a turning point for me is when I stop hearing young women say Hillary isn't the right candidate. That is self hating women talk and they don't even realize it - if I just lost 15 pounds he'd like me, If I got fake boobs I'd get the job, If I were blah blah blah. It's so endemic in our culture women don't even realize they are doing it.

Could someone please give me the name of a perfect male candidate? Ever? There isn't one. There never was one and there will never be one...
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Giselle Minoli

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The Great Barbra Streisand's Trump Parody via Sondheim's classic Send In the Clowns, performed at the LGBT Clinton fundraiser...






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Seeing there must still be a Few Followers with Virgin Ears on here..
I'll throw in the last Rhyming CHIT Part for ya Hon..
We can only Hope some Stoned Illegal Alien driving a Joisey Cabbage,..Fruit Wagon..a Garbage Truck,or a Paki Taliban Gypsy Cabby Runs Donny J-ackass's Arrogant Ass over on 5th Ave..
Text a Mex @ Sanitation
Whoops Slop..Hey Jose'..Get a Bucket an a Mop..Clean up outside Trumpf's glass Menagerie in the Gutter on 5th..
Hurry and we'll try and refrain Crispy Fried Christi from Sucking up the Remains..

Well Ms. Multi-Lingual Smarty Pants..
Gotham City Princess....
Beautifully Usual..Giselle..
besides Second hand Rose (whom really did shop in the East Village's Second Ave Thrift Shops). no chit...
Besides Babs...
When I briefly worked for Sweet Judy Blue Eyes in '68..
Judy Collins did a Great job as well..
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Giselle Minoli

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When I read articles like this, which is often these days, I'm bewildered. Mystified that any young professional person in a position to hire or fire any older person in an organization could say or think:

“Yeah, he’s perfect, but he’s too old.” Or the particularly immature and snide:

"...he (a 55 year old woman's boss) said exasperatedly, ‘You sound just like my mother.’" Or the flat out cruel:

“It’s going to take me forever to bring that old guy up to speed.”

Perhaps they don't have parents or grandparents? Perhaps they don't realize that they, too, will get older in spite of the graces of anti-aging medicine, plastic surgeons, Botox, a good diet, taking care of one's health, and some as yet to be discovered Fountain of Youth.

My mother was considerably older than the mothers of my friends, a reality that presented its challenges...I often had to explain how that happened...but there were also gifts, gifts that I particularly appreciate now, one of which is that after my father died I watched her struggle to find employment after having been out of the work force since getting married and becoming a mother. She did not seem 'old' to me...she seemed, simply, well, normal to me.

I remember her telling me that all that anyone cared about was whether she could type fast - Yes, she could and faster than anyone. But the whole of her was uninteresting to her employers. It was as though if the organization could only have figured out a way to transport her quickly typing fingers off to the office without the rest of her, it would have done so.

Aside from bewilderment, however, I think about how unfortunate it is that we don't ask young people to study, Yes, actually study, as in a discipline, the accomplishments of people much, much, much older than them - musicians, gardeners, inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, poets, writers, painters, doctors, teachers - and to process, acknowledge, contemplate and...

...add up those accomplishments, as though they were making a grocery list of ingredients that will go into a feast, into a fine wine, to feed their closest friends, such that at some point in their distant futures it will be impossible to whittle down an older person's life experiences, work qualifications or credentials into something as ludicrous as typing speed, or 'age gap.'

For there is another cultural issue we have that rivals the importance of making sure that everyone who wants an education is able to get one without having to mortgage their futures to afford it, and the importance of creating job opportunities for young people...

...and that issue is how we perceive, treat, value and make use of the life and professional experiences of workers who have earned the right to be proud of their ages and shouldn't have to hide or lie about how many years they have been on the Planet in order to stay employed...or to find continuing work.

There should be no disharmony between the generations. We need to bridge that gap. This should be a major campaign theme IMHO...

Ageism in the workplace is toxic, and it hurts everyone.
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An excellently thoughtful post as always. One thing that older folks - and yeah I hit 5 dimes recently - bring to the table is experience. I work in a profession (claims) where it's complex, and the more serious matters require experience to handle them right. And yet increasingly I see younger folks being placed into positions on the "they can do it cheaper" theory - or possibly because you can't train this stuff but there are fewer with the real experience. What happens? I spend a fair amount of time coaching them even though they don't work for my company. And that's to get the right result for the policyholder. You need not be that old to be experienced but once you have it you're a lot more valuable than someone without.

Sadly, I think that there have always been limited resources that some would prefer to aggregate into their own hands (read bonuses and high level executive income) no matter what happens. Now is technology also making it possible to eliminate or reduce many of the jobs that we once needed people for? Absolutely. And there's little one can do to change that. I don't want to go back to a world before smart phones. What would be better for everyone is to find new ways to have everyone work and quite frankly get a fair deal with all the resources we have. We could feed, clothe, medically treat and educate the world to a comfortable living if we do it right. It won't be this generation or the next of course.
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I studied the Classics at St. John's College, where my need to be involved in the creative arts only intensified. Then I headed to San Francisco, where there was a thriving experimental cultural scene.

But I had dreamed of living in New York since I was 14, and a job as the National Director of Customer Merchandising with CBS Records was my ticket to Manhattan, where I have never spent a boring day.

Music lead to acting, which led to directing for a fledging theatre company, which, strangely, led to designing fine jewelry, which led to becoming a VP/Business Development Liaison and speechwriter in the art world, which lead to becoming a writer, the entire combined history and mystery of which led to my current life, rooted in the arts of storytelling, conversation, communication and performance.

Along the way I became a pilot, saddened by the slow disappearance of general aviation in the US, the low number of women pilots, and the almost complete lack of wonder anymore at what is still the magic of flight. With our focus on cell phones, iPads, iPods and TVs, the appearance of a small plane against a blue sky is barely shrug-worthy.

Flying is an art too - dancing in the skies, painting invisible pictures in the ether, making music with the wind. Air architecture. Wind poetry. Bird imitation. Zen.

I love to travel to Italy, because I can never get enough of that landscape, the cobblestone streets, the art, the music, the food, the wine, that melodious language, and watching the Italians strolling through their piazzas and streets after dinner, arm-in-arm, always kissing one another, and talking, talking, talking. 

American children are taught at a very young age to focus their energies on one thing primarily. For years I apologized about having so many interests. But life is short, and too interesting to focus on just one thing, so I no longer apologize.

My interests converge on the pages of, the website the talented Ron Louie of Opto Design created for me.

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SynaptIQ+ draws on the diverse expertise of industry thought leaders prominent in the social-ecosystem to guide organizations through the pr

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Many people have searched for a way to get a workaround since Google+ doesn't give us the option to manage our favorite posts directly on Go

Prosecco Country

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Exceptional - SynaptIQ+ Social Era Knowledge

SynaptIQ+ draws on the diverse expertise of industry thought leaders prominent in the social-ecosystem to guide organizations through the pr

Adding Relational Accountability to the Ethics of Care - SynaptIQ+ Socia...

Abstract This paper offers an overview of both the history and the current thinking about the ethics of care, especially in relation to an e

A Woman's Worth - SynaptIQ+ Social Era Knowledge

SynaptIQ+ draws on the diverse expertise of industry thought leaders prominent in the social-ecosystem to guide organizations through the pr

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Information and support for your meditative practice

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Social Media, Typewriters And Fax Machines Lead The Revolt Against Oppre...

Communication between people has been the quintessential attribute of humanity since civilization began. It unites us as a species.

What’s Google Plus About Anyway? | Media Tapper

Maybe, as Forbes would have it, it’s a place where folks “aren’t doing a whole lot”?

The Google+ Freedom Cocktail | Media Tapper

Some think G+ is about a new social media look or Google technology, some think it’s about being able to write longer blog-form posts or com

My So-Called 'Post-Feminist' Life in Arts and Letters | The Nation

Slut-shaming, name-calling and no respect: welcome to life in literary America for a 21st century female author.

Women of Google+

Women of Google+is a destination to learn, share and explore what it takes to thrive on social networking platforms both personally and prof

The Cultural Purveyor

Mixing social satire, opinions and the arts

On Google Plus I Meet the Real Issue of Freedom | Media Tapper

The Chinese people hope they can escape from the control of the evil Chinese authorities and live in a democratic country with the rights of

The Roar Of Anti- Google Pundits Remains Alive and Well | Media Tapper

With Google's announcement January 19 this all sounds nice Mr. Page, but it wasn’t good enough: we expected more from you.