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Your old clothes could be someones new clothes.
I am doing a clothes collecting drive to do "Giving Back" to the

If you have any clothes ( Shirt, Trousers, Bedsheet, skirts, top ,
kurtas, kurtis, sarees, salwar kameez, kids clothes etc) that
are not torn, clean and reusable do let me know and I can pick it up or we can arrange how I get it.

Even one piece of cloth will make a difference to my drive. I will
surely let you know where this goes to once
I find a deserving and needy home for this. I am also open to your suggestions on whom to do the giving to.

So if you do have something that I/We could use to give back to the community, do drop me a line and I would
appreciate your help and support in helping me/us giving back to the community. If you are too far just like my page to show your support.

You can like my page at

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Don't think of it as a flu shot. Think of it as installing virus protection software.

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Woah. Jerry Seinfeld perfectly explained the success of Facebook in 1992!

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Live on Youtube
Google announces a 'Hajjcam' -- a live cam on Mecca!

Wow. Google has a camera on the annual Islamic ritual of the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and will broadcast the epic proceedings live starting Saturday!

Google said the stream goes live on Saturday, November 5, at this URL:

But it looks to me like it's already live!!


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Who's got a million lying around.?
A boat for the 0.1%.

It's a mega yacht. With a built-in lagoon.

Called the Tropical Island Yacht, this giant $100 million boat from Yacht Island Designs features a volcano waterfall, which flows as a stream into a tide pool, then into a lagoon pool.

It's just a concept. But they'll build you one if you have the money.

* * *

Cereal is like pet food for humans.

Procrastination has it's good side. You always have something to do tomorrow.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticize.
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