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Services sales leader and cloud technologist
Services sales leader and cloud technologist

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On Windows 10, "KB3074678 failed to install" occurs when you are on wireless. Plug in ethernet cable and it will work. On a Surface Pro, I used a USB-ethernet adaptor. Disabled wireless then tried the package again, and finally (after months) it worked because it had a wired connection.

This is KB3074678, "Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems"

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Can't wait!

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Such a haunting and beautiful piece. I heard it on BBC R3 and noted the name down so I cloud listen again.

Glass' Etude no. 9.

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Op: Lest We Forget
Interim sitrep

I had an idea while watching the centenary commemoration of the outbreak of WWI in early August.  I mentioned this idea to others at the after party of the Manchester Helios Anomaly later in the month.  The idea grew and expanded and the result is what we saw over mainland Great Britain this morning.

In remembrance of those who fell during all conflict since WW1, the combined Enlightened and Resistance players of Britain give their respect.   #LestWeForget #IngressLestWeForget

Full report to follow, but please visit the cross-faction community group at in the meantime.

More importantly, the Team behind the op would welcome charitable contributions to the Royal British Legion through the donation site at
The Royal British Legion (RBL) are the official charity for war veterans in the UK as well as being the Nation's custodian of Remembrance.

Big thank you to +Joe Philley for help with the ghost links earlier in the week.

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Brian Rose +Ingress
#Ingress   #IngressReport  #sitrep #crossfaction  

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My good friend Justin is hiring.
+Agileware are looking for talented individuals to join our team in Canberra. Positions are available for front-end web developer, Drupal site builder and Drupal developer. Agileware will also review applications from people wanting to kickstart their career in web development

Australian citizen or permanent Australian resident preferred.

#drupal   #australia   #employment   #jobs  

I think I'd "use" my Google Plus personal page more if I could automate posting to it, with +Buffer — one day, Google will allow it.

I wonder how G+ is going, overall, and if its user growth has continued. I wonder too if you can separate the input from Youtube commenters from that measure.

+Tony Spataro remember your calculation of the weight of the internet? do you have a copy of that? I was bragging about you to a geek and thought it's be a cool example. 

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About my team.

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