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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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Suggestive photo taken in Madrid (Spain)
by my friend +Chris Macidis

This shot seems to me high quality computer graphics... but it's real!

Wikipedia about St. Jerome Royal Church:

Another fascinating shot by Chris:

#photo #spain
Looking at San Jerónimo el Real de Madrid
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Nice one!
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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USB plug: right way on first try...
Extremely rare experience! :D

Does anyone know which movie is this gif from?
EDIT (Thanks, Google Images:
The gif depicts Aaron Ruell ( as Kip Dynamite in Napoleon Dynamite (

#gif #funny
When the USB goes in the right way on the first try

#comedy   #lol   #tech   #nerd   #usb     #satechi  
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Seriously.... This is THE gif I've always been looking for... until now! 
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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Startup Stash — A curated Directory of Resources and Tools to Help you Build your Startup #amazing

See also Freebie Supply:

Startup Stash includes 400 products in 40 categories. Each category consists of 10 handpicked resources and tools, all with their own detail page.

★    Idea generation
★    Naming
★    Domain names
★    Hosting
★    Market research
★    Forms & Surveys
★    Mockups & Wireframing
★    Design
★    Development
★    Deployment
★    Social tools
★    MVP
★    Marketing
★    Early users
★    Presentations
★    Product demo
★    Launching
★    Analytics
★    Mobile (app) analytics
★    Customer support
★    Project management
★    Collaboration & Communication
★    Productivity
★    Feedback & Bugtracking
★    Shop
★    Payments
★    Outsourcing
★    Raising capital
★    Investor relations
★    Sales
★    CRM
★    Legal
★    Finance
★    HR
★    Learning
★    Books
★    Videos
★    Articles
★    Blogs
★    Newsletters

#startups #onlinetools #freeresources
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You're welcome, +Mohammed Zubair Khan.
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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Could we get something good for Google+ this year?

In the meantime, let's enjoy this great alternative I/O (I/C?) logo by my friends at +CircleCount.

#hopeisthelasttodie #googleio #googleplus
Google I/O 2015
May 28-29, 2015

We are looking forward to see what Google will announce this year!
What do you think? What are you hoping for?
Android M? Internet of Things? Virtual Reality? Google Car? Android Wear? The new Photo App?

Some highlights of the last years:

► 2014
Android Lollipop
Android Wear
Android Auto
Android One
Android TV
Google Fit
Material Design
Google Cardboard
LG G Watch / Samsung Gear Live / Motorola Moto 360

► 2013
Google+ ReDesign
Auto Awesome Phtotos
"OK Google"
Google Play Music All Access
Google Maps Update

► 2012
Google+ Events
Google+ Statistics
Nexus 7
Project Glass live demo

► 2011
Google Chromebook
Angry Birds in Chrome
+1 button for publishers

► 2010
YouTube with html5
Chrome Web Store
Google Font API

► 2009
Google Wave
Web Elements

► 2008
MySpace with Google Gears

#io15 #logomockup
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You're welcome, +CircleCount! ;)
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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Do You Like This Amazing Gift By My Friend +Rick Lutz?
I love it... it's going to be my cover on all my social profiles!

I highly suggest you to follow +Rick Lutz (one of the great guys behind +CircleCount) and to visit his website to enjoy a lot of great artworks and photos.

Thank you, Rick! ;)

#gift #cover #italy
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My dear ex-student +Roberto Capozzi, I'm glad you like my new profile cover. :) Next time remember to comment in English, please! ;)
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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+Jay Kilborn , +Martin Zeitler and +Giovanni Totaro , I am a linguist. :)

Basque is like Turkish. They are not coming from any of language families. For a while, Finnish and Hungarian had the same situation. They are still kinda like before. 

Tools we use might not be that good, but they are working. We usually work on the name of numbers, etymologies, old scriptures, the way the tribes have migrated during centuries, climate changes, and some other sources. 

Until we come up with better tools, we have to use these old ones. ;)

And this is just the surface of the thing. Linguistics has another face which looks like natural sciences. :)
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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Good evening, my Google+ friends!
How are you?

This photo is a fascinating shot by my friend +Chris Macidis on holiday. Chris collected the shells, his wife arranged them.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

I'd like to see that shells too, instead of the computer ones... you know, the "bash" kind... :P

Power of the holiday, come to me! :)

I'm from Southern Italy and shells like those are "behind the corner", but this year I've not seen them yet because work work work...

Have a great weekend, you all! ;)

#photo #sand #shell
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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Freebie Supply
400+ Awesome Free Tools To Build Your Business

See also Startup Stash:


★  Website
★  Branding & Logo
★  Invoice
★  Legal docs
★  Idea Management
★  Business / Project Name Generators

★  Writing / Blogging
★  Find (Trending) Content (Ideas)
★  SEO + Website Analyzers
★  Image optimizers
★  Image editors
★  Email Management
★  Guides & Courses
★  Social Media + Community Management
★  Customer Service & Surveys
★  A/B Tests & Growth Hacking

★  Design Resources
★  Color Pickers
★  Inspiration
★  Stock Photography
★  Typography
★  Icons
★  Useful Stuff
★  Develop / Code Things

★  Background Sound to Focus
★  Avoid Distraction
★  Organize & Collaborate
★  Digital Nomads & Remote Working

★  Discover Tools & Startups
★  Build Together
★  Learn
★  Newsletters
★  Useful

#startups #onlinetools #freeresources
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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“That's Greek to me” — but probably not to you!
Chinese, maybe? #interesting :)

« That's Greek to me (...) is an idiom in English, expressing that something is not understandable. »

« The idiom is typically used with respect to the foreign nature, complexity or imprecision of verbal or written expression or diagram. »

« Different languages have similar formulations. Many have picked the point of reference to be a foreign language with another alphabet or writing system. »

« (...) various non-English languages most frequently use the Chinese language in their equivalent expression to the English idiom “it's all Greek to me”. »

Quote source:

Graph source:

You may also like these other posts from my Culture collection:

The Indo-European & Uralic Language Families

“The Great Canton and Hong Kong Proverbs”

Netherlandish Proverbs, 1559, Pieter Bruegel the Elder

#language #culture #graph
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+Giovanni Totaro I'd say Finnish is the strangest language. Much vowel. But most Croatians do not come in contact with Finnish at all, so an average person does not think about that. Only us, fans of linguistics :)
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks
by +Andrej Karpathy, CS PhD student at Stanford


«We'll train RNNs to generate text character by character and ponder the question "how is that even possible?"»

«If training vanilla neural nets is optimization over functions, training recurrent nets is optimization over programs

«The concept of attention is the most interesting recent architectural innovation in neural networks.»

Fun with RNNs — Five example character models:

♞ Paul Graham generator
♞ Shakespeare
♞ Wikipedia
♞ Algebraic Geometry (Latex)
♞ Linux Source Code

#neuralnetworks #science #funny

Photo credit: Gerd Altmann
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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1,000 True Fans by +Kevin Kelly
A must-read classic to apply to your startup or personal branding.


«A creator (...) needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living

«A True Fan is defined as someone who will purchase anything and everything you produce.»

«One thousand is a feasible number. You could count to 1,000. If you added one fan a day, it would take only three years. True Fanship is doable. Pleasing a True Fan is pleasurable, and invigorating.»

Translations available in Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.

#microcelebrity #niches #startuptips #personalbranding

Photo source:
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Giovanni Totaro (Vanni)

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Great People, Great Content — Curated Circle #1

Hi, my dear Google+ fellows!
Today I'd like to share with you this tiny circle made of interesting people who regularly post great stuff here for us all to enjoy.

(Taglines from their profiles)

♀ Ladies first: ♀

+Visnja Zeljeznjak
«The business of web development is what I write about for I'm sharing my experience in co-founding, running and organizing a web agency through my books and articles.»

+Christine DeGraff
«Co-Founder Circloscope, Music Junkie.»

+Yifat Cohen
«I answer the questions that Google won't.»

+Jaana Nyström
«Google+ TC, Helper and Entrepreneur.»

♂ ... and Gentlemen next: ♂

+Chris Macidis
«Everything can get optimized.»

+Richard Green
«Mathematician and father of twins.»

+Rick Lutz
«I like to work with colors.»

+martin shervington
«Plus Your Life and Business!»

+Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh
«24/7 Circloscoper.»

+Max Huijgen
«Think outside the box, Technology, European, Challenging your brain.»

+Robert Ryan
«WordPress, SMM & SEO with a dollop of Hangout on the side!»

+Rick Eliason
«Addicted to Digital Marketing, Google+ & Snowboarding!»

And now... add this circle to yours to improve your stream, re-share this post to spread the word and give me your suggestions for round #2. Thanks! :)

#sharedcircles #curatedcircle #awesomepeople
In this Circle:
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Oh oh oh, guys! +Rick Lutz promised, Rick delivered! :D Go take a look:
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