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Giovanni Piliarvu

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Home sweet home!

Today I'll be enjoying a shoot for a festival in Sardinia super jet lagged. I hope not to fall asleep close to an angry horse. Wish me luck :)

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 ❤~❤❤❤~❤ :)👍 
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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Pink Power

Japanese ladies are said not to be so strong. Do you still think so? :)

if you want to have a look at more pics from the Sanja Festival you can click here:
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+larsen wulff  Hallo ! Wie geht es dir ? I'm glad you liked my silly msg up there :p
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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The australian website  writeca  was kind enough to publish an interview we had a couple of days ago about photography. 
The link is down here, if you want to have a look. If you don`t feel like reading, you can go there and have a look at the photographs (there`s even a picture of guest star +holger feroudj​ )  .

英語で書いてあるんですけど、このリンクには最近されたインタビューがあります。興味があればぜひ見てください。写真だけでも楽しめる (^ ^)

thank you again +Davide Di Prossimo​ 
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Writeca is an independent online source of news and entertainment on the contemporary and old masters of the arts.
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+Giovanni Piliarvu  Purrrfect ~ Timing !
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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Glorious spring field in Ibaraki, showing off all the beauty of colored tulips.
#flowerphotography   #茨城   #tulipsphotography   #flower   #Japan   #cooljapan  
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+Giovanni Piliarvu  i Can't Believed YOU.........Don' t like Flowers ;(((  DiD u know..........that [ Flowers ] are ONE of the most [ Beautiful ] thing that God has ever created ?!? Soo..........withOut us ; your surroundings, has No ~ Life @ ALL !!!!!!! i Hope your perspective w/flowers will soon change ;)))
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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Tanada Burst

The middle of the mountains in Niigata is really stunning for sunrises, but to as good for sunsets. I had to drive around quite a bit to get a position good for rice fields and sunset together. It was nice enough to spend the end of the last day of the trip to capture it. I`ll have to come back again when some cluod show up to embellish the sky a little more.   
Thanks to +Aniruddha Mallik for driving this time!
#新潟   #棚田   #naturephotography   #landscapephotography   #landscape   #sunset   #sunsetphotography   #japan  

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There's no WORDS 4 me 2 Describe this but " WOW ! " Another Favorite of mine +Giovanni Piliarvu, From your Album :))) Thank You 4 Sharing your Talent & 4 Posting [ Beautiful Pictures ] here on G+ & i'm still LO.oKing 4ward 4 more..........
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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Nature Art

Thanks to the steady hands and open eyes of +Brian Kemper two days ago I had an always "refreshing" no sleep day going around two Japanese prefectures in search for awesomeness. We found a lot as is always the case here in Japan.
#cooljapan   #日立海浜公園   #flowerphotography   #tulip   
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Beautiful with bright colour. ..
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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Green Awakening

I had to walk through a nice amount of snow to reach this peaceful pond starting to wake up after the cold winter days in Niigata.  the air was so pure and the sound of the sound of nature so soothing that I was there more than I should have been (I realized that looking at the faces of the people waiting for me at the car when I went back :) )
#新潟   #新潟写真   #japan   #cooljapan   #naturephotography   #motherearth   #treesphotography   #watercolor   #green  
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+Mocha Frap I am always here :) you occasionelly disappear! Thank you so much Mocha, I'm doing work in my house in the countryside! I am all right, hope you too, friend. Happy Sunday :)
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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+Patrizia Melis se passi e mi vedi, chiama!
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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At the end of the day

Yesterday I went with +Brian Kemper to one of the biggest traditional festivals in Tokyo (maybe the biggest one). It was a blast avoiding Ipads and selfie sticks :D :D
Times are-a-changin.
I`ll post  gallery on the web site when I`ll have time later this week.
#cooljapan   #100tokyo   #祭り   #三社祭   #浅草   
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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The Blue Sea

As I may have wrote before, I`m not too much into flowers, but when I see something like this I cannot help to be struck by the beauty of the scenery.
Add the gentle breeze, a sunny day and a good book and you`re as close as you can be to the perfect day.
#茨城   #日立   #naturephotography   #landscapephotography   #landscape    #japan  #日本    
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+Giovanni Piliarvu  That's Right ! You Don' t like Flowers (o.O) Grazie, 4 messaging me back & may you ENJOY your stay @ Sardinia & also come back [ Safe & Sound ] 2 Japan.
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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I spent the last three days in Niigata prefecture with the camera in my hand. It was the first time for me in that part of Japan, and I wasn`t disappointed at all. The place that struck me most af all for its beauty is the birch tree forest of Bijinbayashi.
I could have spent a whole day there taking pictures without getting bored.
Thanks to +Aaron Tang +Aniruddha Mallik and +Mattia Paci for the company and the (so very much) early wakes!
#cooljapan   #新潟  #十日町  #naturephotography   #nature   #treesphotography   #japan   #japanphotography   #green  
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+Patrizia Melis dicono tutti cosi` finche` non decidono di seguirmi in qualche viaggio e si pentono amaramente. Tre giorni, ore di sonno si e no 10. :) 
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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My model for today. A real pro. Stunning poses one after the other. I've learnt a lot 😎
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+Patrizia Melis ciao x 2 :)
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