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Saint Luke

A LE from yesterday walk with the +Drink and Click™ Tokyo group. We had a wonderful time walking around Tokyo looking for abandoned places. As you can imagine the land here is not cheap, so our hunt wansn`t exacly succesful. We had a blast all the same. Thanks to +holger feroudj   for organizing, +Takahiro Yanai for thinking the route,  and this month sponsors +500px PanAm and +stuck in custom . 
Have a nice day!

#100tokyo   #cooljapan   #cityscape   #月島   #東京  
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Showa tree

Last week I was close to one of the biggest parks in Tokyo and I decided to go in and have a "little" walk. It`s past cherry blossom season so it wasn`t so crowded and it was pretty nice to go around. Just for you to get an image of the size of the Showa Kinen Koen, my smartphone says I`ve walked 19000 steps all in the park (and with my not so light "camera pack" in the back ;) )

#cooljapan   #100tokyo   #昭和記念公園   #treesphotography  
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+Jose Carlos Rodrigues a lady tree with a lady under it. :)
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One of the scenes that walking in Shinjuku rewards you with.
Thanks again to +Brian Kemper and +Jeff Austin for the company. 
#tokyo   #100tokyo   #cooljapan   #streetphotography   #shinjuku   #新宿   #横丁  
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Red and Blue

Nothing makes me stand in wonder more than the blue hour sky in contrast with one of the many awesome sacred places in Kyoto. No wonder is one of the most famous cities in the world.
#京都   #sacredsunday   #bluehour   #japan   #cooljapan   #longexposure  +Island Gallery +Takahiro Yamamoto #IslandGallery_BrightLights #kyoto   
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+Ade -san thank you, man.
I still have to look at the pictures from the other night ;)
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Speeding in the sunrise

One of the best rides in Tokyo. Expecially when the sun is in charge of the lights.
#city   #sunrise     #japan   #cooljapan   #100tokyo  
+Takahiro Yamamoto +Island Gallery 
#yurikamome   #ユリカモメ  
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Beh.. +Patrizia Melis​​, se mai dovessi passare a Tokyo ti renderesti conto che non è solo caos. Anzi...
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Shakespearean place

I was here only for a couple of hours last time. I was running through the city hoping not to miss the sunset from the spot I chose, but I couldn`t help to stop a few seconds to grab a snap of this beautiful square.
(the city is #Verona  , if you didn`t recognize it)
+Foto Mania Italia  #fotomaniaitalia   #beautifulplaces   #italia   #italy   #veneto   #cityscape   #tower  
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+Patrizia Melis​ hai vissuto a Verona? Bello! Piazza Erbe è spettacolare, ma qui ho avuto un po' da fare per nascondere un'enorme albero di Natale e tenerlo fuori dal l'inquadratura :)
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Majestic Crown

Sunday evening after passing by +Takahiro Yamamoto exhibition at +Island Gallery for the 3rd time for the closing event, I went around the "Yamamoto Loop"  once again with +Ade -san   and +Brian Kemper . 
I have no doubt that the best way to shoot this place is the way Yamamoto san does it, but this time I`ve tried to develop a black and white version to see how it looked. Here it is. I`m definitely going back there again when the sky is offering something more interesting, but I kinda like this one as well. 
Have a nice day!

#cityscape   #cityscapephotography   #bridgephotography   #tokyo   #cooljapan #100tokyo   #blackandwhitephotography   #monochromeworld   #monochromephotography   #blackandwhite  
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+Giovanni Piliarvu​ lol... and a waterproof camera too! ;) 
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Giovanni Piliarvu

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WOW ! And..........that shouldn' t be a Surprise +Giovanni Piliarvu (o.O) coz he's also ONE of my [ Favorite Photographer ] here on G+. [ Congratulations ~ Mr. +Takahiro Yamamoto ] Thank YOU 4 Sharing ALL your [ BeauTiFuL, ColorFuL, Awe - inspiring ] masterpiece. :)))  
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Maruyama Classic

Breathtaking sunset in between the mountains of the Kii peninsula
#japan   #cooljapan     #naturephotography   #sunsetphotography  
+Takahiro Yamamoto +Island Gallery 
#IslandGallery_BrightLights #三重県   #丸山   #夕焼け  
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+Maria Nest 😸
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Modern Sunrise

Even when you wake up at ungodly hours to go to the office, I imagine you can get a lot of energy from a view like this when you`re going to work.  
Speaking for myself... I`ll need to add a coffee anyways ;)
#city   #sunrise     #japan   #cooljapan   #100tokyo  
+Takahiro Yamamoto +Island Gallery  
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+Takahiro Yamamoto thank you. No wonder that station is called Hinode. :)
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Spiritual Shinjuku

One of the busiest parts of the city, you walk a couple of minutes from the station and you find a peaceful sacred area in between huge buildings.
You gotta love #tokyo  

#city   #bluehour   #japan   #cooljapan   #100tokyo  
+Takahiro Yamamoto +Island Gallery 
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❤~❤❤❤~❤ :) 
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