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With Android #KitKat  finally out,  I would like to invite you to view our "Making of" our latest Google #lawnsculpture  This one was really fun to make and the secrecy was HOT!  (as well as the temperature in the shop.  We have almost no cross wind even with the shipping door open) Anyway, enjoy and if you use any of the pics, please give credit to us: #Themendous  
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Rose L.
The making of KitKat Droid? Love it! I didn't realize that there's an army of these guys!
Thanking for making the statue
It looks fantastic. honestly like i could eat it now!
At least they didn't name it Kool-Aid Droid.
How come there are more than one?
Where do the rest go?
+Magnus Kwan Gotta have a few spares, man.

Remember, this stuff is relatively lightweight and more delicate than it might appear. Between human error and Mother Nature, you never know what will happen at -- or en route to -- the Googleplex.:

+Allen Cross Thanks for the video.  Didn't know about that incident.
And it is much lightweight than I thought it is.
Excellent stuff.  I love Kitkat, I love Android products.   Good time.
Have a break, have an android.
Have a break, have an arm
I Want a statue one for desk
beny xu
Really like the detail of the eyes
Do you have photo galleries of the other android mascots?
+Magnus Kwan don't forget kit kats can break easy. And the android body being kitkat. Well you see where im going with thay
I wonder how much one of these cost? 
Just when you thought you had it all
Mmmmm I just want a bite of that...well done.
Thanks everyone for your comments and taking the time out to review the album!   We make a lot of other cool sculptures as well, so please be sure to keep a close follow for a sneak peek into current and upcoming projects!
+Allen Cross +Magnus Kwan actually the material is very durable.  Remember that the 13ft tall Android was installed 5 years ago and still holding strong.  We have a HUGE dragon 18ft H x 31ft L in Maine (outdoor installation) since 2001.   We made 3 as they were all sent to 3 different locations.  Google HQ, Hershey PA and Nestle HQ: Vevey Switzerand
Thanks +Giovanni Calabrese I make a lot of my halloween props out of EPS, and I've been looking for a better way to protect it from the elements. 
Ciao Giovanni...stiamo organizzando il lancio del GDG qui in Grecia e stiamo chiudendo un interessante collaborazione con kitkat ...un aiutino? ;-)
What I'm interested in is scale miniatures in Vinyl or similar, of all the statues that have been created so far
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