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just published 2.9.4 beta. (also attached to this email).

- basic working version of Analytics (past orders) showing revenues,orders,items only for last 7 days
- fixed bug on edit uncategorized item for the first time

published 2.9.3 beta.

- fixed decimal and grouping notation for money amounts
- added UGX currency
- fixed spinning loader in initial orders screen
- switched to Holo them for 11+ Android devices

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published version 2.9.0 for beta testers.

You can download directly from the Google Play Store if you've already enabled tester mode by visiting:

Please let me know what you think and what doesn't work.

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Online video classes to learn how to use Google Search at its max!:

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Damn you Google!!! I'll find my way in the Google I/O conference if I will have to pass from the sewer!!

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A new awesome mobile for Dribbble!

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