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Giordano Dalla Bernardina
Writer wannabe, sneakers wearer and travel, life lover.
Writer wannabe, sneakers wearer and travel, life lover.

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If I wanted to monitor an employee internet usage and generate a report based on that, how would the report be generated?
- does traffic count as time of a certain url is open? (i.e. time I leave a specific website open "in the background")
- scenario: if a report say 98% of time is recorded activity on a gmail url, does that mean the person has spent 98% of the time actively sending emails or just having her/his gmail account window open and in the meantime worked on something else?

Also, if I use chrome and I am logged in my personal account, would anything I do via that window of chrome be recorded as "personal use"?

The reason I ask this is because I need to understand how this type of reports are generated. To me, at a first glance, it'd look quite unlikely to spend 98% of the time ACTIVELY sending emails via a gmail address as this would account for hundreds of email each day.
Instead, it'd be reasonable to think that the recorded percentage is so high becasue a gmail browser window is always left open while working on other things at the same time.

thank you

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