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Gint Romanovski
A philologist, gamer and developer of things. GMT +2, Latvia
A philologist, gamer and developer of things. GMT +2, Latvia

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You are a fantasy adventurer getting ready for a delve into a dungeon. What are you most afraid of finding there?
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Devious traps
Empty rooms
Fierce opponents
Intricate art

I've been putting together riddles in chats recently. Here's one of the nicer sounding ones.

What am I? I am. A self.
I know. I can. I provide help.
My bones are steel.
My mind is power.
My birth is nigh. What am I?

I have an incomplete thought, which I'd like some input on.

The idea has been floating around my mind of how to improve democratic governing - separate the value representation from practical policy. Mainly thinking about the legislative branch of government. The value arm would be elected by the people however they choose. This arm would then primarily debate priorities and values, propose legislation and vote on it. But they don't get to actually write the legislation. The practical arm would be a collection of experts and algorithms, hired instead of elected. Their job would be to write the actual wording of the law, but also to do an analysis of the projected effects. They'd have powers to veto or demand reconsideration when a proposed policy would actually hinder its stated goal, clash with other established policies, limit established rights and hurt or harm through direct or indirect effects. Maybe also handle research duties and send back proposals that are made from provably false assumptions.

That seems like a way to have both a hardcoded place for beliefs and values as well as facts and reality in politics. And it should help with dumb laws being made, unrelated legislation being sneaked into bills, choosing between honest-but-incompetent and shady-but-knowing candidates etc.

The obvious issue is that the practical arm wouldn't ever be truly neutral. But beyond that, thoughts and ideas?

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My news morning in 3 pictures

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I regretfully second that.
"If my calculator had a history, it would be more embarrassing than my browser history."

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Recently started playing in an RPG inspired by Spelljamer. My character is Childeric D. Dax, a gnome cyborg who used to serve in the space navy of space France as second navigator. Until a certain incident with a cannon left him without both arms and a leg.
Needless to say he's not a happy camper.

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Some good food for thought.

> With sortition, you do not ask everyone to vote on an issue few people really understand, but you draft a random sample of the population and make sure they come to the grips with the subject matter in order to take a sensible decision. A cross-section of society that is informed can act more coherently than an entire society that is uninformed.

Your phenotype is, roughly speaking, what you look like.
Your fennotype is how that would be described in finnish or estonian.
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