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Gino Dino (G Dino)

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Really, Google Plus? Really??
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Gino Dino (G Dino)

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Gino Dino (G Dino)

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ThinkYoung partners up with Huawei, in cooperation with Google:
Over 50 international participants will be given a chance to connect & receive advice from successful entrepreneurs in the 2015 Entrepreneurship School!
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Temasys's Skylink Platform on AWS re:Invent!
Release: Skylink Platform recently unveiled; one of only five startups from across the globe to present to Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon.
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Gino Dino (G Dino)

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The already impressive Assassin's Creed: Unity didn't even come close to the overall pre-order sales of our top contender.
From pocket monsters to assassins and beyond -- check out which console games on pre-order topped the charts by the end of October!
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Gino Dino (G Dino)

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Let's be smart about this.
Gino Paolo R. Diño is a content strategist, inbound marketer, freelance writer and editor. He has also authored two books –  “The Hacker’s Guide to Getting to the Top of Google Search” and “Google+: Is Google’s Facebook Killer Doomed to Fail?” “social media” photo by Sean MacEntee /CC BY 2.0 Mind the language: it’s actually better if you’re unforgiving of inefficient ... Read More
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Gino Dino (G Dino)

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It was. Crap it was.
Content is King. But the king has shadows; a multitude of specters that keep the crown on its head. They’re called ghostwriters.I had no idea just how many web content and SEO ghostwriters there were when I first burst into the scene. I barely knew what I was doing. I accepted a ghostwriting assignment and followed rough guidelines. Soon thereafter, I got my first humble pay check from what was to become my trade.Only after stumbling upon Interne...
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My wife's still hung over from being a call center agent. :)
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Gino Dino (G Dino)

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Brought to us by GrowthHackingAsia! :)
Join GrowthHackingAsia's events in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta to learn from the people behind Twitter, EasyTaxi, Flocations, & more!
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Marketing introverts unite (separately)!
Marketing is not an extrovert’s game. People often think that marketing and sales are best suited for extroverts, what with all the selling, pitching, and
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Gino Dino (G Dino)

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Heroes of the Storm!
Screenshots from Blizzon 2014
Blizzcon 2014 has graced us with some Heroes of the Storm screenshots!
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  • University of the Philippines, Los Baños
    BS Computer Science, 2005 - 2008
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Gino Paolo R. Diño
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Director of Content Strategy and Freelance Journalist for VentureBeat

Gino innovates digital content strategy in inbound marketing campaigns integrating organic search, social media, and conversion optimization. Alongside colleagues in the online space, he recently started a digital marketing consultancy now accepting clients. With a wealth of experience in online environments and an expert grasp in content development, Gino aims to shape the future of Asia’s digital marketing industry as an imminent thought leader in the field.

For his digital marketing consultancy CultureTart Media, Gino leads and trains teams of writers, editors, and graphic artists to spearhead multiple marketing strategies. He manages projects and innovates internal structures to enhance performance. He crafts high quality content for cross-channel strategies that bring in target audiences and lead them from one stage of the sales funnel to the next. He coordinates with many entrepreneurs and executives to always align all strategies to business development needs. He tracks and structures KPI, striking the perfect synergy of realistic workloads, productivity, and work-life balance for their teams. He also assists with editing, QA calibration, and QC structure development and implementation.

On the side, Gino writes various web content pieces ranging from blog posts to press releases to full feature magazine articles for subjects on technology, business, startups, gaming, and geek culture. He is currently a freelance journalist for VentureBeat. Gino enjoys learning on the job. When not consulting for a living, he’s writing for leisure. When not writing for leisure, he’s reading or gaming for inspiration. When not doing either, he hatches schemes to change or destroy the world.

Bragging rights
Developing online content and marketing strategies for existing and new ventures across Asia, but more impressive is surviving three cunningly diabolical boys and one girl, all while keeping my wife borderline sane, and on the side gaming and reading and writing.
Director of Content Strategy | Freelance Journalist @ VentureBeat
Writing, editing, content strategy and consultation
  • VentureBeat
    Freelance Journalist, 2014 - present
  • TechView Asia
    Senior Editor, 2013 - present
    Manages and edits articles on TechView Asia, developing its potential as an online magazine.
  • Xero Tech
    Blogger - Editor, present
  • Constant Content
    Writer, present
  • Zerys
    Copywriter, present
  • The Content Authority
    Ghostwriter, present
  • Leviathyn
    Editor, 2012 - 2013
  • Nova Founders
    Lead Editor, 2013 - 2014
    Lead Editor and de facto content strategist for tech startups supported by Nova Founders, both existing and new, across Asia.
  • Hyperink
    Journalist / Book Editor, 2012 - 2012
  • Rant Gaming
    Author, 2012 - 2012
  • WebpageFX
    Copywriter, 2012
  • FusionHQ
    Press Release Expert, 2011
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Gino D.

Tenchu III: Wrath of Heaven is one of my favorite games of all time. It introduced me not just to the PS2, but also to the stealth genre.

RED 2 Review: Still Extremely Dangerous

RED 2 sees Frank Moses back in action trying to save the world and make sense of his relationship in a film that's little else but fun.

Gino Dino

Super Mario RPG was the first RPG I finished. It was such a great game I didn't even care it was in Japanese.

Gino D.

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches can't come soon enough, but while waiting, I thought up some of the things that make the DLC simply awesome

Gino D.

Instead of extending the breadth and depth of the gaming experience, next gen consoles seem to be extending the breadth of its audience.

Man of Steel Review: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Another Franchise!

Man of Steel is the journey of a Kansas farm boy from outcast to hero, but you won’t notice his inner struggles over the flashy fistfights.

Gino D.

If the title wasn't subtle enough, the Red Wedding seen on TV was certainly sufficiently overt. Can HBO pull off a season-ender to top that?

Gino D.

PopCap takes their most successful title to Facebook: Plants Vs Zombies Adventures is a solid port, but not worth much for hardcore gamers.

Hunter X Hunter The Phantom Rouge Review: A Great Vision Slighted

Togashi Yashihiro's vision for Hunter X Hunter The Phantom Rouge was great, but the film's execution was disappointing.

Gino D.

In Hunter X hunter 2011 episode 79 Gon and Killua come close to the end of the hunt, but the chimera ant army is already strong and chaotic.

Gino D.

In One Piece episode 595, Law and Luffy seal an alliance and implement a cunning plan to kidnap Cesar Clown. Will Law regret his offer?